Tuesday 20 September 2022

What sense do we make of draft Jetty Policy 2022?

Draft Jetty Policy 2022 was released on September 12, 2022 by the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa. It makes it mandatory for any objections/suggestions to be emailed to pmu@goa-tourism.com within 500 words and within 15 days. 

It doesn't quote any law by which objections/ suggestions to be given within 500 words and within 15 days. Hence it is totally a completely arbitrary. 

15 deadline culminates on September 27, 2022, the same day one month deadline culminates for TCP draft regulations 2022. 

Draft Jetty Policy is formulated with an objective of securing economies of various existing vessel operators. So vessel operators are major player that intent to take people of Goa as hostages thereby further intensifying December 1961 Annexure of Goa through conquest as observed by Supreme Court of India in Shantilal Gosalia Judgement.

Draft Policy seeks to be applicable for all passenger cruise vessel operators excluding casinos, personal boats, barges, ferries and other transport vessels which do not cater to Tourism and leisure segments.

Policy seeks to expand infrastructure for Tourism by clearing way for jetties,  floating pontoons, Jetty terminal buildings etc.

Draft Policy provides for further strengthening of Jetty Management Committee formed in 2016 as per following composition:

1. Secretary (Tourism), Head

2. Director, Department of Tourism

3. Managing Director, GTDC

4. Captain of Ports

5. Two nominated active members from Goa Boat Cruise Association

6. SP, Coastal Police

7. River and Navigation Department,  Government of Goa 

Jetty Management Committee (JMC) has be entrusted with responsibility to evolve methodology and establishing carrying capacity of any river in Goa thereby regulating number of vessels including freezing of their capacities.

JMC has been bestowed with powers to recommend development of any new Tourism centric Jetty in Goa along with ancillary tourism activities.

Other roles and responsibilities of JMC includes:

1. Power to recommend activities to the relevant authorities or undertaking through private parties, including Dredging, Creation of floating pontoons, floating concrete for the safety and convenience of tourists.

2. To undertake independent activities like carrying capacity study and enforcement of the results for the improvement of overall Tourism in the State.

3. Review of Demand for water based Tourism activities across Goa and take suitable action for improvement of the same.

Dredging of river, water sports and passenger cruise boats in rivers is in direct conflict with fishing activities. 

While this Draft Jetty Policy 2022 seeks to disrupt fishing in Goa's river, draft Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Ammendment) Regulation, 2022 seeks to disrupt agriculture in Goa. Though issued from different departments its source is common: Government of Goa. The beneficiaries are common: Tourism industry. Motive is common: Profits. Those at receiving end are common: People of Goa engaged in Agriculture and fishing, and those who live paddy rice and marine fish as food. Calamity it will create is common: food insecurity and generation of unemployment by destroying fishing and Agriculture. Nature of Oppression and Oppresion of Nature is common: Further conquest of Goa. According to Supreme Court of India Goa was annexed to India through conquest in 1961 December as per Shantilal Gosalia case.

May God guide us grant us victory as we move further to defend Goa once again.

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