Monday 11 September 2023

Time to shut down Goa Mines and Geology Department forever?

It has been revealed that due to callous attitude of Goa Department of Mines and Geology 223 Mulgao (Bicholim taluka) residential houses and village agriculture land has been included within the boundary of the mining lease. 

Paddy fields already witnessed meter and half thick layer of silt rendering cultivation of rice impossible just like Sirgao. Horticulture crops yields has drastically dropped just like Pissurlem. Water sources of the village like wells, springs, lakes has suffered terrible blow due to mining activities already by Dempo Mining Corporation and then by Sesa owned by Vedanta, London based corporate. For years together agriculture progressively ruined.

On August 11, 2023 Vedanta private limited carried on Public Hearing for this very mine (Block I Bicholim Mineral Block) to seek Environmental Clearance from Central Government that will be valid for 50 years like the mining lease!

Mining department officials know all this but it pretents deaf. The way irresponsibility of mining Department is increasing the only solution looks to be to shut it down permanently as it's stupidity has taken dangerous infinite proportion at corporate dictates.

Stupidity of Goa Department of Mines and Geology that is headed by Chief Minister himself is supervised by brahmin supremacy organisastion RSS with its headquarters at Nagpur. This headquarters -as a matter of fact - was shut down on October 06, 2022 after 2.5 lakh People marched to the office forcing exodus of all the inmates including its Supreme commander sarsanchalak. 

If mining industry continues its aggression then people of Goa will be compelled to take certain decisive steps against RSS and that means swelling the ranks of Bharat Mukti Morcha currently led by Waman Meshram.  Yet again Time for decisive action arrived. The powers that are committed to destroy Goa's agriculture and ecology through mining are of national and international nature. Consequently we need response that is not only local but also national and international in character. Let's explore further in this direction.

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