Saturday 25 November 2023

And now its Srinivas Dempo's turn to drown in Marina waters!

And now it's Srinivas Dempo's turn to drown in Marina waters! Suicidal move!

It is amazing as to how consent is attempted to be manufactured for proposed AHOY Marina at Nauxim, Goa.

Project that is derailed for more than 13 years is sought to be ressurcted through hercullen efforts from Industry, Journalists and Politicians in 2023. Marina EIA report itself has stated that it will have long-term, negative and irreversible impact on Fisheries in Zuari river predicting assured doom to the small scale fishing activities in Zuari rivers. Inspite of this certification from the Anamalai University, Chennai still drumbeat are being blasted in defence of this ultra-destructive project.

After series of brow beatings by Gomantak Marathi newspaper editor Raju Nayak, Union Minister of State for Shipping, National Waterways and Ports, and Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant now it is the turn of Srinivas Dempo, President of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). Times of India Goa edition of 25 November 2023 reports that Goa Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant has requested support for Nauxim Marina from GCCI. This means that Kargwal Constructions Private Limited doesn't have any support and even Raju Nayak, Sripad Naik and Dr. Pramod Sawant are failures in their support.

Srinivas Dempo is the latest entrant on the nautical tourism bandwagon with commitment to destroy Zuari river fisheries and with facination of Crotia in Europe. Srinivas Dempo had family tradition of destroying Goa's ecology through mining industry. One has to visit Bicholim to know how Dempos destroyed paddy fields, dried up several water bodies, finished of Forest land and deposited silt in paddy fields as well as Bicholim River. It was Dempo family owned Dempo Mining Corporation that singularly responsible for flooding in Bicholim from 1980s to 2009.

After tasting success at destroying Goa's mountains through their August 1941 mining concessions for set of five Mines covering 14 kilometers from Sirigao to Pilgao. 

Sooner Srinivas Dempo gets out of Marina bandwagon better it is for him. Otherwise his own family criminal heritage will ooze out the unexpected into Serendipity, IFFI and beyond. 

None of the fishermen of Zuari river has ever crossed swords against Srinivas Dempo and it is absolutely unclear as to why he should be so determined to destroy livelihoods of fishing communities. Perhaps because none of these gillnet fishers of Zuari are Bamons.  And EIA report has already classified Nauxim,  Cacra, Odxel villages as Shudra. Marina project has already laid caste based distinctions and Srinivas Dempo as Bamon must treat cautiously for these are troubled waters.

25 November 2023

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