Wednesday 26 October 2011

Cutting into sanctuary buffer zones to pamper mining industry

Bharat Mukti morcha strongly condemns the attempts by Goa government to reduce the buffer zone from 10 kilometers to zero kilometers. This is done in order to satisfy mining industry by sacrificing the entire life support systems including water and forest.

Bharat Mukti Morcha also condemns Goa Chief Town planner S.T.Puttaraju for his defense of 0 kilometer buffer zone saying that it is in the interest of the tribal people. For the protection of tribal people there is forest rights Act 200 in place. If this act is implemented then tribal people's rights are protected. Goa government have been causing innumerable delays in implementation of forest rights act. In fact the talukas of Sanguem, Darbandora, Pernem and Sattari are totally kept away from the implementation of Forest Rights Act 2005.

Chief town planner is bluffing and creating a shield to protect mining industry. This is a brahmanical plot to destroy Goa forever and make Goa's mulnivasi people homeless, vagabonds. Baman Raj of Raj is responsible for this state of affairs and it must be made to  came to an end.

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