Thursday 13 October 2011

Vanxim villagers harrasment condemned

Ilha de Vanxim Association condemns daily harassment of of Vanxim villagers. 98,000 square meters of land is the land whereby our ancestors have lived for centuries. We are their decedents followed by our children.

Under what right Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar is sending his manager Bruno Ferrao every single day to click snaps of our houses and surrounding  properties of our Vanxim residents? Under what authority Bruno Ferrao hailing from an island of Divar, Piedade is troubling our villagers every single day by coming with couple of photographers? Has Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao given his permission (to Mahendra Gaunekar, Bruno Ferrao) to do so?

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao has no right to trouble the villagers with this type of activity.

The concern authorities kindly investigate in this matter. The vigilance department kindly make note of all this. CID please take note.

The Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao also investigate in this matter as you are the owner. Send your Procurator etc as you are the owner of the same.

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