Wednesday 26 October 2011

RPG-2021: Facilitation centre brahmanical ploy to keep away public participation

Goa's Town and Country planning department's facilitation centre announced on October 22, 2011 in  local dailies of Goa is primarily meant to keep away the public participation. Only the members of Panchayats and members of village panchayat planning committees of RP-2021 are included. The rest of the public with grave complaints against the RP-2021 are left with no scope of participation in this process.

This is utter disgusting and deserves to be rejected at once. Suppressing public participation at this stage makes mockery of all principles of democracy. Chief Town Planner is acting only diplomatically with high diplomacy.  RP-2021 at current stage is laden with land scams for hotels, resorts, mining etc. 10 meters and 15 meters roads for villages is highly objectionable. The time is now. Let us fight this menace.
If public is not allowed to correct it then it is best that Bamon Raj must be abolished  fully. With the effect of Poona pact of 1932 many Panchayat members have become slaves of the bamon raj. They cease to represent public.

Bharat Morcha Morcha is of the opinion that this facilitation centre be opened for all the member of public in Goa and not just for Panchayat members and members of village panchayat planning committees.

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