Tuesday 13 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 17

Wednesday  28.12.2011   Awakening Session   03.00 pm to 05.00 pm   Gulbarga

Simply by passing a law in Parliament, it will not be possible to set right judicial Accountability.

Recently in parliament, judicial accountability bill was tabled. The draft of the bill is very weak. Based on it, it is not possible to set right judicial Accountability at all. Then why is the ruling class of India indulging in this fraud? It is necessary to raise the curtain from this conspiracy. That is why, this topic is has been kept for discussion.

Speakers: Mr.Harikishan Sampla (Haryana), Mr.Jitendra Kumar (Delhi), Mr. Badri Sukhdev (Chattisgarh), Dr. Ashok Kumar (A.P.), Adv. A. Saminathan (T.N.), Adv. K. Murugavel (T.N.)

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