Tuesday 13 December 2011

Subjects for 28th BAMCEF & RMS National Convention - Awakening Session 10

Monday  26.12.2011  Awakening Session 10    6.00 pm to 9.00 pm Gulbarga

Micro minority Brahmins conspire to show themselves as majority by carrying out bomb blasts on Mulnivasi Bahujan (SC,ST,OBC and Converted People from these communities) everywhere - A serious discussion.

In democracy people of minority caste can never play or be a part of it. But Brahmins are in minority and also foreigners bu origin. Therefore, they should not be in the power as a ruler of the country; but this is not the fact since Brahmins have become the true rulers despite their minority status. Without being a ruler, brahmins cannot monopolize the system. So, it is important for them to be majority. So for getting majority, they have to carry out lot of bomb blasts. Planned bomb blasts helps to unite all SC, ST, OBCs in the name of Hindu and isolate all muslims (converted religious minorities) in the name of Muslims (Islamic faith). By creating this division, Brahmins manages to emerge as leader of the Hindus. Thus they are conspiring to manipulate majority into minority and vice versa and rise to power and rule the country. To expose this conspiracy of devide, fool and rule the Mulnivasis and to create awareness in Mulnivasis, this subject has been kept for discussion.

Speakers: Adv. Ashok Kumar Bhasotra (J&K), Mr. R.K.Akodia (Rajasthan), Mr. Mukti Mohammad Yusuf (Maharashtra), Mr. Sayed Maqsood (A.P.), Mr. Abdul Wahid (PFI, W.P. K'taka), Mr. Silvanth Subhash (K'taka), Adv. Iqbal Ahmed Shareef (K'taka), Ms. Sumita Patil (Maharastra), Mr. S.R.Yadav (U.P.), Ms. Sofia Khatun (W.B.), Mr. B.A. Tanveer (Orissa), Moulana Abdul Mohd. Azahri (Maharastra), Dr. Rafeeq Sayed (Maharastra), Mr. R. Murugaiyan (Kerala).

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