Saturday 8 September 2012

Part 10: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Jati is a slavery

Jati is slavery, and in spite of this being the case every person has generated feelings of pride towards jati. This pride has fulfilled the task of strengthening jati. In reality, is jati worthy of pride? This is a fundamental question. Jati is not at all the worthy of pride; if we succeed to generate this kind of mindset amongst people then no one will take pride in ones jati. If he stops taking pride in his jati then the task of protecting it, nurturing it, preserving it, will stop.

If this work is stopped then Brahmins that has conspired to enslave Bhahujans in the name of jatis that conspiracy will fail and this awakening will rise up from within us. We will have to compulsorily do like this. By only saying ‘Let’s create awakening’, awakening will not come about. We will have to create subjects of all the aspects that Brahmins used to enslave our people and perpetuate this slavery. These subjects will have to be discussed; counter mindset has to be created against Brahmin cultivated mindset.

Meaning, mindset has to be created against Brahmanical mindset. This counter mindset will prepare intellectual foundation of revolution. Those people who will do this work truly they will be able to carry on the task of awakening and propagation. By using the words ‘Awakening’ and ‘Propaganda’ awakening will not come about, we have to keep this in mind before everything else, only then we will be able to create people’s mindset against jatis. Mindset of jatis is very dangerous conspiracy. In some past generation Brahmins must have created jatis but Brahmins does not make much attempts to preserve them, as much as mulnivasi bhahujan samaj does. In Uttar Pradesh when Boy and Girl rejected the verdict of the Panchayat and tried to marry, both of them were hanged. It is such a dangerous mindset. This happened very recently. This mindset that is visible has to be changed under every circumstances.

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