Saturday 1 September 2012

Part 3: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Effects of Social Revolution

The social revolution that Buddha brought about against Varna system, this social revolution had three important consequences in history 1) Development of Knowledge and Science 2) The Mulnivasis that were declared Shudras, declared low, amongst themselves created Kings and Kingdom. Maurya, Samrat and their Kingdoms are products of this Revolution. 3) Women were totally freed.  These three things were created to a very large scale by Buddha’s social revolution. And due to this revolution first time in world history Universities were founded in this country.

Knowledge and Science evolved in India. Zero was discovered in India. From India zero went to Arab countries and from Arab countries it went to Europe. With the help of zero Europe developed Mathematics. And this Mathematics we brought from Europe to India. Today’s technology is founded on Mathematics. Lots of people think that zero has no value. But with example we can see that if one is placed before zero it becomes ten. This means that digit that is placed next to one has a value of nine. The value of one increases by nine because of that zero. It is important to know and understand that due to the social revolution of Buddha Brahmin Dharma went in for a toss and that’s why Brahmins had to undertake counter revolution. Jatis came about after counter revolution and that’s why it can be said that Buddha did fight Jati system because jati system is a creation of post Buddha period. After Varna destruction Jati system was created. Similarly Jati system got created after counter-revolution. There is also definite reason for the creation of Jati system.

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