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Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns censorship at Sao Mathias Gram Sabha

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns censorship at the Sao Mathias village Panchayat Gram Sabha today 28th April 2013. A certain critical issues relating to the control of the Panchayat by the elements outside jurisdiction of the Panchayat was sought to be discussed today by Maggie Silveira, President of Ilha de Vanxim Association at Gram Sabha meeting. The Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar told Maggie three times to shut up without giving any reasons and then ordered sound system in the Hall to be switched off abruptly.
The issue under discussion was that of Vanxim Island that is clandestinely sold without informing Vanxim people by Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao, a Bamon to Mahendra Gaunekar, another Bamon on February 11, 2006 by violating canon law for around 54 lakh rupees on record besides of course underhand dealings running into crores. Or what are the reasons Vanxim is sold so cheaply for Rs.6/- and Rs.20/- per square meter?  Mahendra Gaunekar again sold this island to Ozone Corporate group for 35 crores on record. Ozone corporate has shattered dream to take over entire island, its houses, land and paddy field and turn the island for the purpose of luxury tourism like casinos, private marinas, recreation clubs, villas, helipad, water sports.  Ever since this fact came to the knowledge of the villagers in early 2010 agitation against this sale has spread in Vanxim and beyond.

A month back the ruling panel of the Sao Mathias Panchayat was called to Panjim at Ozone corporate office in Miramar and asked to compromise on the issue. Each member of the ruling panel was asked to put up their demands for personal gratification and aggrandizement. Mahendra Gaunekar himself was present at this meeting. According to the available reliable information Sao Mathias Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar said that he was shocked at the way Sao Mathias Gram Sabha meeting was manipulated with the presence of such a huge police force and voting on the project without proposal on 6th November 2011. He said that even though he was not the elected member of the Pachayat then but was present at the Gram Sabha. Mahendra Gaunekar apologized to the Sarpanch three times. This meant that the Mahendra Gaunekar was directly involved in Manipulating the Gram Sabha of 6th November 2011. Otherwise what was the need to apologize? Maggie Silveira shared this information with public at Gram Sabha and Sarpanch did not deny it.  Public was stunned to know this.

Further Maggie also shared the information that earlier Mahendra Gaunekar and MLA Pandurang Madkaikar were controlling the Panchayat and now there is one more addition this list. His name she disclosed as Abhay Raikar, Goa Architecture college drop out and classmate of Mahendra Gaunekar, from Divar and has nothing to do with Malar Panchayat yet he is throwing around his weight as the Cumbharjua Constituency President of BJP. Maggie Silveira publicly questioned the Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar as to under what provisions of Goa Panchayat Raj Act Abhay Raikar is dictating and directing terms to the Malar Panchayat. To this Sarpanch responded by suspending the Constitution of India that guarantees freedom of speech and expression under the article 19(1)(a) to every citizen of India. He asked Maggie to shut up and when she continued to speak he ordered sound system in hall to be switched off.  Before this Constitution was marshaled marvelously by Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar only Brahmins had right to speech under Manusmriti. Shudras had no rights as Manusmriti , the Constitution of Brahmins considers shudras, ati-shudras as slaves without freedom of speech and expression, freedom to own property, freedom to acquire education, freedom to own weapons. Their only freedom is to serve Brahmins.

Malar Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar even though he is a mulnivasi is truly a slave of Bamon Raj to such an extend that he cannot even tolerate anyone speaking and exposing how Bamon Raj is functioning in the Panchayat affairs.

Maggie did not stop speaking even after the sound system was ordered to be switched off by the Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar. She went on speaking in her loud voice till she completed what she had to say on this matter.  Sarpanch went on saying  “don’t discuss the name of Gaunekar in the Gram Sabha.” His heart was so much bleeding for Gaunekar for unknown reason left for the art and science of guessing.  Maggie retaliated saying “we have come to Gram Sabha only because of Gaunekar has put our Vanxim in trouble and we cannot help but discuss Gaunekar’s name in the Gram Sabha.” 

Maggie further spoke that for the past three Gram Sabha resolutions are remaining without being implemented and it looks that people’s time at Gram Sabha is wasted by Sarpanch. She pointed out that the pot-holes at Divar-Sao Pedro ferry ramp are still the same.  People who come for the occasions like feasts, funerals, birthdays etc are forced to leave their vehicles half way and travel by bus. It is a mere shame for Divar and Malar Panchayats.

It was also proposed at the Gram Sabha few months ago that both the Panchayats – Divar and Malar should meet together and co-ordinate with each other and solves these types of issues. This has not happened. It looks as if both the Panchayats – Malar and Divar are only waiting for a major accident to take place. It is shameful act of Malar and Divar Panchayats not to fulfill this necessity of the people.

Telephone cable wires in Mandovi River between Vanxim and Amboi ferry point is accidently cut off with dredging machine. It is brought to the notice of the Panchayat because of ongoing heavy monsoon currents this work needs monitoring from the Panchayat. Yet there is no progress on this front.

The last one year water pipeline to Vanxim again through Mandovi river needs immediate repairs as it is badly damaged due to sand mining activities carried out near Vanxim till few months ago. The complaint was lodged with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar one year ago by Ilha de Vanxim Association but still remains unattended.  Why does it take one year for an emergency repair works of the water pipeline supplying water to Vanxim from the river bed of Mandovi River? Water is a daily necessity, not a luxury. Is it kept unrepaired this way to make sure that Vanxim people run away when the water pipeline bursts so that Bamon Gaunekar and Ozone group take ready passion of Vanxim?

Bamon Raj control over Sao Mathias Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar is clearly visible even in the issue of revocation of permission for commercial activities in Vanxim in a house fraudulently taken control of by Bamon Gaunekar. Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar reported that he along with other elected members visited Vanxim and they found no grounds to revoke the permission for ongoing commercial activities. He is clearly protecting Bamon Gaunekar on this issue too. This is a reason he does not want Gaunekar’s name to be discussed at all. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha will speak out even more boldly and discuss and expose the current cruel nexus of Bamon raj that is causing enormous harm to Vanxim ranging from non-repair of water pipeline to Vanxim in Mandovi river, Lack of though repair of Telephone cables in Mandovi; there is a danger of upcoming heavy flow of monsoon currents, non-revocation of permission for commercial activities in house fraudulently under control of Mahendra Gaunekar, non-repairs of bunds thereby causing flooding of paddy fields. Etc. For all this problems Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar is responsible. It is a matter of time that his hold over Vanxim is smashed, damaged and shattered.

Bharat Mukti Morcha also advises Abhay Raikar to stay from Vanxim and control over Malar Panchayat.

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