Monday 15 April 2013

Thanks to Goa Chief minister Parrikar, Cliffton's complaint pending before Cuncolim police station remains unattendeded

This police complaint of Cliffton is pending without action in Cuncolim Police Station, Salcete, Goa ever since it was handed over to the police station on 6th February 2013. No action on this complaint has been initiated due to the political interference of Goa Chief Minister Bamon Mahohar Parrikar who is also Home Minister with police department under him. This is how political victimization of the opponents of Mr.Manohar Parrikar is carried on.

From: Cliffton D’Souza
           H. No. 250, Zaino,
           Velim, Salcete,
Date: - 05/02/2013

    The Police Inspector,
    Cuncolim Police Station,
    Cuncolim, Salcete,
    Goa – 403 703.

Sub: - Assault on me at the Village Panchayat of Velim Gram Sabha

     I the undersigned Cliffton D’Souza a social activists and RTI activists age…32 years, s/o Mr Lourenco D’souza and a resident of H. No.250, Zaino, Velim, Salcete, Goa here by submits the following facts of the assault on me at the Gram Sabha meeting of 03/02/2013: -
     I State that I went for the above mentioned Gram Sabha at around 10:00 am which started immediately.
     As I took part in the discussions of the Gram Sabha suddenly I noticed that someone from behind was passing comments continuously against me whenever I spoke only, and I slightly turned to see from the corner of my eye that it was Savio D’Silva.
     To My surprise I was quiet shocked to see him for the Gram Sabha which he has never attended nor has he any proposals to put in the interests of the village.
     Keeping my cool I participated in the discussion as and when I need to and the comments continued which I ignored.
     A little after 1.00pm the Sarpanch took the proposal of two brothers regarding a property matter and there were heated arguments taking advantage of the situation Savio D’Silva starting throwing chairs at me which at first did not hit me but suddenly he picked up a chair or two and threw on me and in the mean time his friends joined him and he and Umesh assaulted me.
     As they assaulted me Savio verbally threatened me dire consequences such as that he would break my bones, and even kill me. But suddenly to my relief, the whole gang just left me and turned on to Rony Dias who by than had recorded the whole assault scene and I suddenly felt that I sought off was surrounded and protected by other Gram Sabha members only to watch them snatch the camera of Rony Dias.
     Subsequently I dialed for help that is the police and waited though the situation seemed to me quiet bad as I was out numbered. At the request of a police personnel who came to the site I went to the police station at around 2.50pm.
     On arrival the PSI present just refused to take my complain at first, unless and until a thorough medical checkup was done and I agreed to his demand for I thought he was right and I was taken to Primary Health Centre by police personnels.
     Upon checking, the doctor requested that an X-ray had to be taken and for that I was taken to the Hospicio Hospital in Margao. After taking my X-ray there seemed to be a suspected hair line fracture and was asked to get admitted, which I did.
     The Orthopedic surgeon visited me the next day morning and finally discharged me on the 04/02/2013 at around 7.45 pm giving precautionary warnings and requested me to rest.
     On the other hand I state that Savio D’Silva is a Portuguese Passport holder which he collected directly from Portugal and hence the Police do not have records with them It seems to me.
     Savio D’Silva has been in this country for quiet some time and to my knowledge he has over stayed in this country. I suspect that he is in possession of an Indian Passport too. I will produce before you Sir, further details when received from my sources about he citizenship.
     I state that Savio D’Silva took part in the Gram Sabha and the Sarpanch Mr. Melwin Sanchez did nothing to stop him knowing that he was a foreign national. Furthermore the Sarpanch took for discussions a sub-judice matter which triggered up the fights and Mr. Sanchez did nothing but sat in his chair.
     I am requesting you Sir, to take necessary action registering a congnizable/non congnizable offence, under the various applicable sections of the Indian Penal Code, keeping in mind the medical reports, against Savio D’Silva and one Umesh
     Thanking you, and looking forward in the doing the needful at the earliest,
     I remain,

Yours Faithfully,
(Cliffton D’Souza)

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