Tuesday 23 April 2013

Bharat mukti morcha condemns helicopter violations over Vanxim Island

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Ozone group of companies along with Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar, Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao and Goa Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar for continues violations of Vanxim air space by mercenaries of Bamon Raj today April 23, 2013. Helicopter hovered over Vanxim Island in Tiswadi, Goa for nearly 15 minutes before it flew away to unknown destination.

This is a fourth violation of Vanxim air space and Bharat Mukti Morcha takes serious note over goings on over Vanxim in Helicopter. All these things are happening because of satanic nexus between Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar in collusion with corporate Ozone group. This nexus is responsible for sale of Vanxim for a paltry amount of Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meter. There is no evidence even of the legally received cash of nearly Rs.55 lakhs has been given to Santa Monica convent. It is clear that 100 crore that Archbishop received underhand in this deal has not reached Santa Monica convent.

The earlier air space violations over Vanxim took place on 5th November 2010, 5th May 2011 and 18th April 2013.

Archbishop sold the Vanxim island on February 11, 2006 and current Parish Priest named Victor Rodrigues at Nuvem's Church in Salcete facilitated this takeover in his then capacity as Procurator. He manufactured documents under the direction of the Archbishop and gave birth to mega scandal facing church of Goa that led to the repeated visits to the courts to litigate deputy collector’s court, mamlatdar’s court and administrative tribunal, Panjim with waste of time and money of mulnivasis. 

Fr.Victor Rodrigues created record to facilitate the harassment of Vanxim people in courts in Panjim with the following letter with a subject header “immovable property – Vanxi at Capao”, and the text of the letter dated 10th November 2009 read as follows:

“Dear Gaunekar

As we were re-arranging our records, files and documents in our office, we came across some notices issued by the mamlatdar to us under the Goa Agricultural Tenancy Act in respect of the above mentioned property. We immediately applied for the certified copies of the relevant papers to the mamlatdar which are received on 4th November, 2009. Since the said property has already been sold to you we enclose herewith the said papers received by us to enable you to initiate appropriate steps if so desired.”

All the curses of Vanxim people are resting on Fr.Victor Rodrigues and that’s reason he is subjected to so much of current sufferings in a bed ridden state. His sufferings is a reward for all that mischievous things he has done while he exercised his powers as Procurator with criminal mindset under the direction from Archbishop Ferrao who is also reaping the fruits of his distrustful deeds of selling Vanxim.

It was too bad for this priest to support the Archbishop of Goa who is racing himself on highway to Hell. Now the both this priest as well as the Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao are paying the price for what they have done to Vanxim. And they are paying through their nose. They played around and cheated as if they were handling some mundane sub-human creatures. 

Goa Archbishop has been watching the fun as to how he has put Vanxim people in innumerable trials while he surfeits in the Bishop’s house in Altinho, Panjim with black money received this satanic deal in safe deposit of Swiss bank in Europe.

Goa Archbishop Ferrao is in supervision of sale of church lands for real estate purposes in various parts of Goa. Vanxim is certainly glaring example of this.

Because of this irresponsible behavior of the Archbishop Ferrao Vanxim people are forced to undergo number of trials including arrests of four innocent women. It is written in Latin on the casket of St.Francis Xavier’s body at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa “Nihil Horum Vereor” which means “I fear none of these trials”. Bamon Raj is free to put us mulnivasis under innumerable trials yet fear none of them.

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