Wednesday 18 September 2013

Blackmailing for Aadhaar card

17th September 2013



The Chief Secretary,

Goa Government,

Porvorim, Goa

Subject: Blackmailing for Aadhaar card


This is to bring to your notice the statement in Rajya Sabha on 23rd August 2013 made by Rajeev Shukla, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs that Aadhaar Cards are not mandatory to avail subsidy on cooking gas or on any other matter too. He also stated that in case any public sector companies are making Aadhaar cards compulsory then the respective companies will be corrected. His statement was reported in newspapers in Goa.

The law relating to Aadhaar card is blocked by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance citing that this entire project lacks clarity of direction, waste of public resources and grave threat to the national security. Any promotions of Aadhaar cards must cease with immediate effect and data collected is liable to be destroyed.

Several advertisements in newspapers from Public sector companies dealing with supply of cooking gas namely from Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Indane are insisting that Aadhaar card is necessary for the purpose of availing subsidies on domestic cooking gas.

The Petroleum companies are indulging in the affairs that are threat to national security without law being passed in the Parliament and even after the Public Statement on this in the Rajya Sabha on 23rd August 2013 and in Lok Sabha on 8th May 2013 by the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajeev Shukla. Petroleum companies are acting in violation of Indian Parliament.

Even the press release from the Prime Minister’s Office dated 2nd September 2013 did not deny that there the Parliament has not passed the law concerning Aadhaar Card enrollment.

Collectors in Goa too have been advocating for Aadhaar Cards and are giving certain deadlines for public in this regard.  Collectors are coming in media publicly and making what is illegal sounds so real to the people of Goa. South Goa Collector is an example in this regard who declared that Aadhaar cards and bank account are needed for procuring subsidies on cooking gas. Can Collector enforce Aadhaar number that has been blocked by Indian Parliament? In North Goa too the cooking gas subsidies has been linked up to the Aadhaar cards and bank account. This is an open revolt against Indian Parliament. The Collectors who enforce Aadhaar cards are liable to be terminated from their service for superseding the Parliament.

In an island of Vanxim the cost the cylinder as of 16th September 2013 is Rs.970/-. Pamphlets are already being distributed in all the 12 talukas of Goa regarding the same.

You are therefore urged on priority basis to correct the Petroleum Companies insisting on Aadhaar and bank account. People of Goa must not be fooled as this Bill is not passed in the Parliament and this very awareness is already created through our pamphlet distribution.

You are also urged to direct the North Goa and South Collectors to retract from their emphasis on enforcing Aadhaar Cards to avail cooking gas subsidies.

Immediate action on this from you will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely


Maggie Silveira,


Bharat Mukti Mocha

Goa State Unit

Copies to:

  1. The Collector, South Goa, Margao, Goa.
  2. The Collector, North Goa, Panjim, Goa.
  3. The Director, Department of Civil Supplies, Government of Goa, Panjim.
  4. Regional Manager, Hindustan Petroleum Company.
  5. Regional Manager, Bharat Petroleum Company.
  6. Regional Manager, Indane Gas.
  7. LPG dealers in Goa State. 
  8. (Secretary) Planning, Government of Goa

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