Monday, 2 September 2013

Let us march together to destroy the Aadhaar card!

Hindustan Petroleum Company is confronted on the issue of making Aadhaar card compulsory for the disbursement of subsidies to its customers. In a sms communication initiated by Cliffton de Souza of Velim, Salcete, Goa on 31st August 2013, Hindustan Petroleum’s officer based in Kundaim, Ponda Mr.Arvind Singh has requested to ignore the reports appearing in Herald dated 24th August 2013 that quoted Indian Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajiv Sukla’s statement on the floor of the Rajya Sabha that there is no need of Aadhaar card to avail subsidy for LPG cylinders, and in case any Nationalized companies are doing so then they will be corrected. This point to be noted by all concerned mulnivasis. Its trap laid down for the mulnivasis by the Bamons. Be aware of Bamons. Don’s be fools. Hindustan petroleum instead of getting corrected has opted to forcefully ignore the decision of the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajiv Shukla.

This is indeed very serious matter. It involves issues of disobedience to the Parliament under which the Petroleum companies were created as legal entities few decades ago. Now the Hindustan Petroleum is in open revolt against the Indian Parliament. This is a direct revolt against the Indian democracy. This revolt signifies the collusion of Hindustan Petroleum Company with the agents of Bamon Raj and Manusmriti dedicated to destruction of Parliamentary democracy in India. If the decision of the Minister taken in Rajya Sabha is flouted by the company in this manner then this company is tearing apart the democracy. 

This is indeed very serious betrayal of the Indian Constitution that never placed any company above Indian Parliament. Ignoring the Minister’s decision and going about implementing Aadhaar cards even without Parliament passing of law for this purpose is serious transgression on the Indian democracy. Bharat Mukti Morcha does not tolerate such transgressions and condemns the Hindustan Petroleum Company totally for its revolt against Indian Parliament.

It is indeed very absurd decision on the part of Hindustan Petroleum Company to ignore Parliament. Is this what democracy means? Democracy means for the people, by the people and of the people.  This behavior of Hindustan Petroleum Company is totally against Mulnivasi people of India. Do register your protest against the decision of the Hindustan Petroleum Company to ignore the decision of the Indian Parliament. Do register your protest at various outlets of the company all over Goa and also register your written protests on the complaint book available with the various agencies of the Company. Remember Aadhaar cards in India are being enforced without any law. Hence they are illegal and anti-constitutional. Resist them. 

This National Identification Authority Bill with regard to Aadhaar card is not passed by the Indian Parliament. Only Bamon Digambar Kamat, earlier Chief minister of Goa was the first CM to sign MoU with another Bamon Nandan Nilekani, Chairperson, Unique Identification Authority of India. Present Chief minister bamon Manohar Parrikar said “since substantial money has been spent on the project I would like to derive maximum benefits from the unique number in such a manner that beneficiary oriented schemes are linked to UID. This would facilitate in plugging leakages and possible corrupt practices and help in effective implementation of the schemes. To begin with a few of the schemes like Dayanand Social Security Scheme, Ration cards in Public Distribution System etc will be linked to UID.”

Knowing fully that Parliament has not passed the law Goa CM Manohar Parrikar is deliberately and compulsorily forcing people into Aadhaar card trap. It is completely wrong to do so, we as individuals has freedom of privacy covered under Right to Life Article 21 of the Indian Constitution written by Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar. Aadhaar card is infringement on our fundamental right to life.

Local daily Herald dated 1st September 2013 published advertisement from Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs with a heading “Kind attention: Ration Card holders of Bardez taluka”. The has the introduction as follows “The Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs is in process of verification of digitized Ration Card Data for issue of Smart Cart Ration Card for Bardez Taluka on pilot basis.” The notice has nine points. Point number 2 states that on form to be filled “enter the details of Voter’s Card and Aadhaar/Enrolment ID number for each of the family member on the form.” Then point number six states that “Submit the self attested photocopies of the existing ration cards, Aadhaar (UID/EID), Voters ID (EPIC), wherever it is not available for any members submit details of available family members”.

These are the consequences of the Aadhaar card and there are no benefits at all. It is not compulsory. In fact it is illegal supported by bamon government of Goa. As individuals we have to be cautious and mindful and avoid such miserable ambitions and acts of the Bamons to be fulfilled. We should avoid. As a family member also we have get our acts together to scrap Aadhaar card and get collected private data such as figure prints and iris of eyes destroyed. There are many many individuals and families at large who have not done this Aadhaar card as they were aware much in advance of the dangerous consequences to follow as the private data collected can be shared with anyone and used against us without permission and even knowledge as there is no law regulating the privacy of data gathered under Aadhaar card. We can also lose our identity as we will be known by a mere mumber and this number an be manipulated against us mulnivasis.

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon one and all our mulnivasis not to do the Aadhaar card. And join the movement to scrap the Aadhaar card. For Salcete contact Cliffton (07350577146), Joseph (09370441231), For Bicholim contact Sanjay (09545585437), For Bardez contact Janardhan (09822178785) or Seby (09923336347), For Tiswadi contact Shamsunder (09823865022) or Maggie (09371990428), for Murmagoa contact Salim (09422452275), for Canacona contact Devidas (09373210686), for Pernem contact Shushant (09923651357), for Sanguem contact Rama (09403849347), for Quepem contact Motesh (09403849387), for Sattari contact  Mohan (09822011580), For Ponda contact Ramkrishna (09923456315).

Aadhaar Card has to be protested against. Find out the top officers of the Hindustan Petroleum Company and register your protest. The name and phone number of the higher officers are available with the local agent of the Company all over Goa. Together its march! Together its win! Aadhaar card is meant to be thrashed in the dust bin. This has been the opinion even of the Parliamentary standing committee on finance. It also pointed out that Aadhaar card is very dangerous to the national security as authentication contracts are awarded to foreign companies and they will decide whether we are citizens of India or not. Can there be anything more humiliating then this. Aadhaar card is complete destruction of mulnivasi identity to be replaced with mere number. It is better to destroy Aadhaar card in these circumstances. And we dare to take steps in this regard.

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