Friday 27 September 2013

Gaunekar all out to bribe mamlatdar, deputy collector and Judge of Administrative Tribunal?

Mahendra Gaunekar is sending his chamchas to meet the tenants of Vanxim and they talk directly to them saying Gaunekar is ready to pay you’ll three times more, surrender everything. Gaunekar also says that you’ll are never going to win the court cases at the deputy collector in Panjim, Tiswadi mamlatdar etc. So how can Gaunekar claim saying such statements? Has he bought the deputy collector and mamlatdar too and also not forgetting administrative tribunal court?

How come it that Gaunekar knows the judgments before hand? Has he done the bribing to Deputy Collector, Mamlatdar and Administrative tribunal Court? Is there match fixing all through? There is a need of investigation in this matter.

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