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Bharat Mukti Morcha congratulates Navelim farmers for defeating RSS in Margao

In the preset scenario it is worth admonishing MLA Mr.Avertano Furtado on compromise with the powers of the dark that is directly responsible for murder of M.K.Gandhi. It would be well for him to remember for the Apocalypse 22:15 records “Without are dogs and sorcerers, and unchaste and murderers, and servers of idols, and everyone that loveth and maketh a lie”. If Avartano Furtado withdraws his support to RSS (Racial Superiority System) program in Navelim then he will attract lots of blessings on himself.

Bharat Mukti Morcha congratulates farmers of Navelim, Salcete in South Goa on their stupendous victory over RSS (Racial Superiority System), an agency working towards violent defense and promotion of brahmanism. Farmers fought with one resolve and refused to part with their paddy fields. Farmers were put under severe arm twisting methods. South Goa Collector, Goa Police etc were the constitutional means that were deployed to battle against the agitating farmers. Then telephonic threats were issued to farmer cum activist connected with Navelim Civic and Consumers Forum, and Navelim Xetkarancho Ekvott Joseph Vaz in order to get him into submission to sign written undertaking that farmers will not protest against the RSS (Racial Superiority System) convention from 23-25 December in paddy fields in front of Margao Railway Station. Joseph Vaz courageously refused to fall in line with RSS (Racial Superiority System) and abstained from attending meeting with police as it was illegal since police did not serve call letter to Joseph Vaz. The South Goa Collector is said to have claimed that Joseph Vaz has been indulging in excavation of mud for the purpose of mining. Perhaps Chief Minister who directed the Collector to draft this complaint believe mining and agriculture is one the same as Avdooth Timblo of Fomento group would call it mineral farming five years ago!

Farmers fought valiantly from 14 December 2013 onwards and Bharat Mutki Morcha extended public support. And farmers won. RSS (Racial Superiority System) on 17th December 2013 realized that they are no match to the might of the Navelim farmers, decided to give up insisting on taking over famers land and succumbed into shifting their Convention venue to some other place in Navelim whereto RSS (Racial Superiority System) has already turned into unwanted guests due to their mission of defending brahminism in various insidious ways including extra-constitutional ways of threatening and murder like that of M.K.Gandhi. Bharat Mutki Morcha thanks all those stood in defense of farmers of Navelim during their time of invasion from RSS (Racial Superiority System). Hence forth December 17 will be remembered as the day of victory against Bamanism. In 2008 this was a day of lathi charge against Gawdas in Ambaulim, Quepem while they protested against dust pollution of trucks transporting iron ore.

The agricultural land that SUDA is claiming to be its own - by virtue of frauds committed- but under the cultivatory possession of Navelim farmers, is yet to be transferred back to farmers.

In the face of this tremendous victory of farmers it is worth examining few things. The first thing is that how easily police was transformed into private defense force of Bamon Raj with Collector as its Chief Executive officer. It is also worth to recall that police when turned into this state were numb to the threats issued to Joseph Vaz even after the number was made public on internet. Here lies double standard of the Home Minister. Proceedings against Tarun Tejpal were initiated based on information on public email group even before rape survivor formally launched complaint.

The uncompromising stand of Navelim farmers led to collapse of entire edifice of State erected in defense of bamanism. The RSS (Racial Superiority System) had to change the venue as continued combat against Navelim farmers would have turned entire Goa hostile to RSS (Racial Superiority System) much faster. That would have led to preponing of demise of Bamanism. The polarization that occurred was mulnivasi farmers v/s Bamani RSS (Racial Superiority System).

Navelim farmers refused to allow agenda of RSS (Racial Superiority System) and the Chief Minister to decide the fate of their paddy fields. They decisively asserted themselves. This is indeed a golden moment in the history of agriculture in Goa. Farmers refused to be kicked out like a football on Fatorda stadium but articulated their point of view that RSS way is a highway to disaster for their paddy fields. With this action farmers entered history as its subjects and not as objects to be acted and operated upon by RSS (Racial Superiority System).

The next issue that needs to be taken up for discussion is as to why RSS (Racial Superiority System) decided to take paddy fields that too which were under cultivation as a venue for their convention. The logical answer is that RSS cares a damn either for paddy fields or the farmers, or both. Firstly, RSS (Racial Superiority System) being founded in defense of brahminism is natural to be insensitive for paddy fields. According to Hon.Waman Meshram Manusmriti forbids bamons from engaging in agricultural activity. It is therefore natural that the organization of Bamon Raj – RSS (Racial Superiority System) would remain insensitive to paddy fields. Secondly, RSS being in defense of baminism is logically in a mindset of aggression towards mulnivasis. The Margao paddy fields under discussions are cultivated by mulnivasi farmers. So these mulnivasi farmers were ready made object of bamani hostility to be unleashed through RSS. Thirdly, these farmers are Christians and this fact turned into natural fodder for RSS (Racial Superiority System) to feed on and carry on their calculated hostility for the purpose of creating polarization against Christians. This hostility is essential for Bamon raj and its survival from impending demise. With this hostility in motion, according to Prof.Deshpande’s analysis ‘Hindu’ is manufactured only through reaction. If not pushed into reaction then mulnivasi bhahujan samaj stays segmented in the jati frame of mind created by bamon raj; some are Marathas, others are Velips, more Gawdas, still others Mahars, some Bhandaris, some Telis, some Dhangars, still other Kharvis. Only in the situation of hostility all jati identities merge into single identity as ‘Hindu’. It is under this situation that Bamon is able to rise as leader of bhahujan Samaj – when it turns into Hindu.

Bamons being miniscule minority always feel insecure till they are leaders of mulnivasi people. Now if bamons has to establish their control and rule over increasingly conscious bhahujan samaj of Goa then they have to create riots against Christians amongst other things.

In riots no bamons are targeted. This is a history of 67,000 riots in India from the time of transfer of power from British to Brahmins in India – 15th August 1947. Majority of riots took place under the Congress rule. Modus operandi: Once the riots takes place all the jatis will be contacted by RSS and will be united under the category of Hindu, the Persian word that means slave. With fear everyone will be blackmailed into accepting bamani leadership.  Once we are united then bamons will hoist themselves as our leaders. One bamon has already hoisted himself as Archbishop and carrying on bamani agenda from within the Church. This is visible even to the editor of Lokamat Raju Nayak and he wrote about it on 27th October 2013 in several paragraphs on Church and its practice of casteism.

Once this polarization takes place then mulnivasis who are Christians will be encouraged to engage in a fight to kill with mulnivasis who are from bhahujan samaj and vice versa. This is a policy of divide and rule which will be practiced to reduce majority bhahujan samaj into fragments to be engaged continuously into strife and tiny bamons as ruling minority. All the bamons will remain united to rule over the situation which will emerge in this scenario. This strategy is laid down in writing by Walawalkar Varde allias Shenoy Goembab way back in 1945 in his book “Kahi Marathi Lekh”. This book is dedicated to children who are exclusively Bamons. This is the reason in 2002 bamon Manohar Parrikar decided to celebrate his birth centenary through state funding. Of course he had to withdraw due to public protests specially from Ramnath Naik. In 2002 he was CM of Goa. In 2002 he practiced bamanism. In 2013 he is CM of Goa. In 2013 he is practicing bamanism.

As a part of this bamanism Manohar Parrikar seems to have brokered deal with Navelim MLA Avertano Furtado to shift the venue of the RSS program from paddy fields in front of Margao Railway station to the paddy fields that are not under cultivation behind the Navelim’s Our Lady of Rosary Church. This is evident from logical thinking that program could never get shifted behind Navelim Church without political patronage of the local MLA. One may ask as to what is the need for holding RSS (Racial Superiority System) progam in Navelim. Frankly, no one from Navelim has invited RSS to their village. Out of so many villages in Goa why only choose Navelim? Lets examine the detail implications as to likely scenario. RSS (Racial Superiority System) is vocally against Christian mulnivasis. And Christian mulnivasi  MLA has allowed RSS program to be shifted behind Navelim’s Our lady of Rosary Church. Christian mulnivasi and other Bhahujan samaj does not harness benefit from RSS convention. As per preceding analysis only Bamon Raj will benefit massively. Now the Navelim MLA is not a Bamon. In fact he is mulnivasi, politically rather naïve. Bamon Parrikar is seeking to destroy him politically in a bamani style. The naivety of Mr.Furtado however in the present circumstance is threatening to plunge entire mulnivasis into bamani trap. This tacit political support to RSS (Racial Superiority System) program with no benefit to community except to the bamons with absolute certainty will result in use and discard of the MLA Furtado. Furtado’s inability to stand firm against RSS even though he is not the member of BJP has only transformed himself into an object to be used and discarded.  And as Hon.Waman Meshram often says those who allow themselves to be used never become self-reliant to promote the welfare of those whom they represent. They sell out or barter the interest of those who has reposed faith in their leadership. Perhaps Furtado finds the ministership in Parrikar cabinet more importantly alluring than the community interests that he represents. Surely he was not elected in order to host RSS convention behind Navelim Church nor was it part of his elections manifesto when he contested as independent candidate from Navelim constituency and defeated Churchill Alemao. In that case he must know that Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar resigned from the Nehru cabinet rather than compromise community interest. That is called genuine leadership of the community.

In the preset scenario it is worth admonishing MLA Mr.Avertano Furtado on compromise with the powers of the dark that is directly responsible for murder of M.K.Gandhi. It would be well for him to remember for the Apocalypse 22:15 records “Without are dogs and sorcerers, and unchaste and murderers, and servers of idols, and everyone that loveth and maketh a lie”. If Avartano Furtado withdraws his support to RSS (Racial Superiority System) program in Navelim then he will attract lots of blessings on himself. If he continues to support RSS (Racial Superiority System) program even reluctantly and program goes ahead behind the Our Lady of Rosary Church then disastrous fall outs would follow beyond the control of Navelim MLA. The farmers of Navelim has demonstrated guts of extra-ordinary nature to convey message that no power - not even the RSS (Racial Superiority System) - is invincible. All that Navelim MLA Furtado has to do is imitate the uncompromising stance of the Navelim farmers. If he is feeling absence of courage then call upon farmers of Navelim to support him. Avertano has just 3 days to demolish the bamani forces wanting to set up bamani nest in Navelim with no benefit to Navelim mulnivasi people. The ball is in your court Mr.Furtado, for your bold action of chasing RSS (Racial Superiority System) away will pave way for bold future. Your cowardly attitude will then prompt public to look at you with scorn, shame, disgust and boldly to overthrow you. How you want to be treated by public is your choice.

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  1. Well done Joseph ,Claude (Secretary of Navelim Xetkarancho Ekvott) and all others who joined him for this important cause. I am with yoyu always..anywhere ,anytime.