Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Welcome to Vanxim!

Cross the ferry and enter Vanxim
Inside Mandovi stands Cross so holy.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Island so serene and beautiful
Sold for a song by Goa Archbishop
Not more than 55 lakh, its official.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Court cases before Mamlatdar
 And Deputy Collector
To snatch away land of mulnivasi Vanxecars
Welcome to Vanxim!

Archbishop indulged in corruption of
Magnitude huge and made Gaunekar Landlord
Welcome to Vanxim!

Archbishop is a Bamon
Gaunekar is a Bamon
Its Bamon Raj all the way smiles and roses
Welcome to Vanxim!

Paddy fields so fertile and so abundant
Bamon conspiracy left them flooded in salty water
Welcome to Vanxim!

Gaunekar sold Vanxim
As if his dowry inheritance
Santa Monica Convent left
With bleeding wounds on memory.
Welcome to Vanxim!

For 50 crore Gaunekar hoisted Ozone into Vanxim
Vanxim battles gambler’s lust and craze.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Mouth of people stuffed with money,
Never must they speak words any.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Government officer stood his ground
Said 'NO' to politicians in transfering Church land in Vanxim
Was targeted on the floor of the Goa Legislative Assembly
Bamon Raj is uncontrolled, corrupt and on berserk.
Welcome to Vanxim!

The heart of a poet melts in agony
What have you done Archbishop Neri?
Welcome to Vanxim!

You promised to serve God only
Yet how come you turned out
to be loyal  servant of mammon willingly?
Welcome to Vanxim!

You sold Vanxim only to ignite a spark,
Dark cords are ablaze with might.
Welcome to Vanxim!

You sold Vanxim & triggered crisis
of faith in many,
What is your long term plan
to commit this act so nasty?
Welcome to Vanxim!

Poilice to arrest women of Vanxim
NGO to wage war proxy,
Why do you burry in sadistic slurry?
Welcome to Vanxim!

Poets’ responsibility to speak out boldly,
Those silent are guilty of sins of Ommission.
Flag marches on with a mission.
Welcome to Vanxim!

You claim man of God
 and beyond Public Criticism,
Tell me why you put Vanxim in grave jeopardy?
Welcome to Vanxim!

You cannot escape answers to these questions,
Mercy of God be with you,
Flag of Justice never sink in oblivion.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Swiss accounts stocked your black money
Only to make notorious bankers richer,
Yet Vanxim will not accede to be poorer.
Welcome to Vanxim!

With a might of a Lion
Vanxim will roar,
In a bottomless pit Satan’s agents
To be shunted forever.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Vanxim is beautiful and no doubt about it,
No one has right to defile it.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Wake up my friends,
Shoot words like a spear,
In your hands and voice Vanxim now oh dear,
Welcome to Vanxim!

In God the Christ we trust,
Archbishop betrayed us
Speak out loud
Till prayers reach heavenly crown.
Welcome to Vanxim!

The ring of bell
Sounds call of the grace,
Its time to march with
Children ahead.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Battle lines drawn the day Vanxim was sold,
That day February 11, 2006
Action filled with secrecy untold.
Welcome to Vanxim!

To carry the light in times so dark,
To be water amidst drought.
Welcome to Vanxim!

Sebastian Rodrigues

1 comment:

  1. Seby, you write like a lion,
    you fight like a lion,
    Bold an unafraid
    To call a spade a spade!

    You poem reads prophetic
    As if straight from the sacred texts.
    God is surely touched
    Salvation shall come your way soon.

    I appreciate your guts and courage. A lonely battle your are waging. Almost single-handedly!

    Let the truth come out.

    Best rgds.

    zeferino fernandes