Tuesday 18 April 2017

BMM condemns Sonshi mining arrests

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) condemns the arrests of about 45 people including women from Sonshi, Pissurlem for protesting against mining ore transportation on April 11, 2017 and detained at Colvale Jail till date. BMM also takes note of posting from Ravindra Velip on facebook after his visit to Sonshi yesterday as follows:

"I along with my several other friends visited Sonshi village today. A village which was situated in the lap of the forests is now surrounded by six giant mining companies operating at less than radial distance of 100 mts. There are 60 to 65 households in this village of which 55 to 60 families are tribals. 9000 to 10000 trips are daily transported from this village by approximately 1200 mining trucks. You can imagine the Air and Water Quality in this village. Imagine the noise pollution that they are witnessing. When these tribals protested, they were arrested and sent in the Judicial lockup. 45 of them including women members are in Colvale jail from last 8 days. Their children and old age people who are at home are going through a tuff time. HELP THEM IF YOU CAN OR EXTEND YOUR SUPPORT"

Shonshi village earlier suffered irreversible damage to their paddy fields and and got absorbed reluctantly into buying of trucks and plying for various mining companies. The decsion of illegitimate Goa government to arrest Shonshi people is a war against natives by Goa's Bamani State. Shonshi-Pissurlem mining belt is under severe pressure from companies. They first finished off agriculture, ground then forest and huge cracks to ground reflects continues threat to life. Then they got village addicted to mining through mining trucks operation syphoning the village of minerals to be sent to Japan, China and other countries of the World. Now they are in the process of snapping the villagers of trucks business and sent them to Colvale Jail. Currently Sesa Goa owned by a British company Vedanta is carrying on most of the mining in that belt. The planet is under barabric plunder as the is being ripped and raped, homes and shattered and bled dry. Human dignity totally robbed off and visit Sonshi to know what a life without dignity is all about.

Poem "I love Pissurlem" by Sebastian Rodrigues reflects this reality and you may read at links 


What to do with this poem to support Sonshi?
1. Share links to your contacts
2. Take a printout on one page and organise discussions aount mining.
3. Study further the Economic and Political situation of Sonshi mining belt. You may read this report for more details:


4. Approach members of Legislative Assembly to support People of Sonshi and withdraw support to the illegitimate Manohar Parrikar goverment formed through betrayal of masses of Goa and needs to be pulled down.
5. Gather at least five people and protest arrest of Sonshi villagers in your locality. If possible share report to the press friends or you may post below as comment.

Currently illegitimate Goa government formed unethically in everyway possible and functions as criminal enterprise with total moral bankruptcy. Out little actions will lead to collapse and dismantling of this Politician-Mining nexus. It must by noted that Sonshi is represented by Pratapsing Rane for past several decades and he cares a damn for environment and support mining completely even if peoples homes are shattered through mining: ecocide of Sattari and Vishwajit Rane and Pratapsingh Rane are committed to intensify it further or why else are they silent for decades together? Time for revolt yet again! It is a law of nature of nature: Every action has equal and opposite reaction, and every situation of oppression sows seeds of rebellion. So is it in Sonshi.

It is important to follow pattern in our approach always: Study. Organise. Agitate.

Jai Mulnivasi!

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