Tuesday 25 April 2017

Children's Court and other fascinating poems from Snehal Busa


Our principal did bad things 
With me and my friends 
I told my mother 
That would be in school ,her end 
We fought in a court 
Which is made for a child 
We went in police station and a case we filed 
I wish she go soon in prison 
That is also with a big reason 
Then she'll feel the pain she gave a child 
In school 
It was her mistake and she was a big fool 
I thank the children court 
To fight for my right 
And my parents too 
Who made my life light .

Snehal Busa
(This poem I had written in march And this all I had written was true. My principal really tortured me )


I have a big garden 
Anything can be hidden 
It has beautiful flowers 
And water that showers

My garden has many trees 
Thats why there is cool breeze 
The grass is so thick 
That my cat plays hide and sick 

Garden garden 
My fancy garden 
Without you 
My life is barren 
And I can't live life
which is forbidden.

Snehal Busa


In our aquarium we have goldfish 
Long back in my dreams I had wish 
It made me so happy 
And no more snappy 
I have kept it in the hall 
And in an aquarium which is in a shape of ball
I am happy withy gold 
And I will never give it to any one 
Because I know they'll turn it 
Into a dish.

Snehal Busa


 My mother's beautiful shawl ,
When she wears it ,she look like a beautiful doll
The shawl is so thick ,
So my mother doesn't fall sick .

She wears it when she goes out ,
But if we play with it,she shouts .

My mother's beautiful shawl ,
Was hung in glass cupboard for all to see .

Once she  kept it in front of a kitty ,
Later she draped it for a party.
When she spotted in it a big hole ,
It pained my mother's soul .

Mother cried ,"my beautiful shawl."
Father said ,"we'll purchase another one from caculo mall."

Snehal Busa


Always smile 
And be happy to do 
For a while 
Not forcingly too .
You are happy 
You never know 
Not too snappy like 
A little snow 
It will melt fast 
Into a liquid 
The sadness will be last 
That will turn happiness solid.

Snehal Busa


I saw squirrel near my house 
Running away looking the clouds .
It had a long tail
I didn't know  its a male or female 
It rained very heavily 
Then it cleaned itself nicely 
It ran here it ran there 
At last I didn't know it was where 

Snehal Busa


 Sitting outside I was thinking 
Of taking fresh air 
I saw a flower suddenly 
Which was very rare 

I handed it to my sister 
She loved it very much 
She wanted some more 
She said ,"will you please search ?"

I said to her,"no."
As no more would be 
It was the only one 
That I could see.

Snehal Busa


 Shadow shadow my own shadow 
Are you a good friend or a for 
I know you are my reflection 
So same will be our intention .
Shadow shadow my own shadow 
I have a question to ask you 
Why is that you can't be seen at night ?
Is that you are visible only in bright ?

Shadow shadow my own shadow 
I am very upset ,I want to share 
Because you invisible ,I can't bare 
Are you a ghost ?
That will kill me with cosh ?

Shadow shadow my own once 
I want my answer you are quite 
Snehal Busa


Why can't we survive in space ?
As there is less oxygen my teacher says 
 Why can't I ride a bike ,I doubt ?
Because you are yet 18 ,my mom shouts 
Why can't I call Mr as miss ?
As she is not he my sister whispers 
And why she is not he I questioned ?
As she is said for a girl 
And he is said for a boy my friend replied 
Why can't .... Was the last question 
Before I ask my father something 
But I had to answer now 
As my father asked me a question 
What about you my dear how are you feeling now ?
After questioning so many questions 
Didn't your head go round and round ?
I had a answer ,so what to do of my questions ?
Yes ,my father said 
These all while you asked question 
And now you have given an answer to a question 
But I said ,"dad don't think my answer was a question ?.
Snehal Busa


when my life was gunge 
I was totally muzzy .
When I was dopey 
You would flick it away .
When I went haywire 
And in murk 
You mad me understand 
In harmony .
But I would be churlish 
And huzard for you and others .
It is all changed now 
I have found the bliss in me 
And become indispensable  for me 
As you are my grief and 
And you are my crony .
Snehal Busa


 Don't live it all scrappy 
Listen what it want to say 
If so ,really very shoddy 
And still don't stops ,then it will get shirty .
It should not simply be scapegoat .
Its just a scraggy abiotic 
Scarcely ,not that good looking 
But can be a friendly phantom .
Snehal Busa


You tried to break my heart 
With your pin drops 
Passing from my roof to me 
You filed up the alley with your cry 
You defeated the street lights with 
Your lights 
Your dark faces turned my eyes blear 
My voice was quite when you thundered 
And then after sometime you stopped your jiggery Pokery 
Behavior .
And went to sleep like 
Every year .
Snehal Busa


My life has stopped with nothing 
I cry at night why don't the clock stop?
Why has the time left me alone ?
To the unknown and strange world 
Why can't it walk together ?
To the straights and to the molds
I always desire for it to stop 
But the ears are deaf and mouth is dump
Of the clock 
I wish and I wish 
Let the clock stop 
Though it ignores 
I'll always questions 
Why don't the clock stop?

Snehal Busa


How many tears have I lost ?
I didn't ever count them 
It was a big loss of tears 
I think I have now built up a dam 
They so precious to me 
Why had I neglected ?
I don't want them artificial or to be paid 
Why didn't I make them my collection?
Why didn't I do so ?
I just uncared my tears 
And always let them flow .
Snehal Busa



No jokers I found in life 
No warriors yet 
Whom should I trust 
I couldn't get .
My prediction ,sometimes is right 
Sometimes wrong 
So stop to think ,
I shout very strong .
I don't know to speak to someone 
I don't know to keep quiet 
The only difference I don't understand
Is what is wrong what is right .
Faces keeps on changing 
But the climate doesn't change 
What is wrong what is right I couldn't range 
Life is a puzzle for me 
Sometimes me myself 
Want to be huge a times 
Sometimes a tiny moon calf .
No matter how long it takes 
To develop from a hamlet 
To a city 
Life may change 
Life may not 
Its little bit twisty.
Snehal Busa


I was too far from 
The portals of success 
Where failure was my companion 
Many hurdles I found on way 
I Saw no night no day 
Through the crooked road 
I was close to my destiny .
Success and only success would lead 
Me nowhere 
I was now very close 
To the portals of success.

Snehal Busa


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