Thursday 13 April 2017

Goa Education in Crisis: Balkrishna Busa hunger strike completes 99 days

Balarishna Busa hunger strike has compelted 99 days today. Above picture today is from Azad Maidan Panjim. Busa is accompanied by his wife and two daughters. They alledge abuse of school students by headmistress of one High School in Taleigao on March 03, 2014 and are seeking her auster. They have petioned various authorites not only in Goa but also Prime Minister and the President of India and received their responses. They also posess Ministerial notings from Manohar Parrikar to take action against the headmistress. Nature of abuse is detailed in the complaint to Panjim Police Station.

Busa like many other parents has got thier children out from the controversiol school in Taleigaon and are studying in other schools in Tiswadi Taluka. One of Busa's daughters was found to be tortured in March 2014. It is alleged that headmistress locked the child in toilet for many hours and then forced her to take her lunch outside the toilet in the vicinity of foul smell. Although number of State agencies are aware of this situation yet no action seems to be forth coming even though tomorrow hunger strike completes 100 days most of which were in front of Education department in Porvorim.

Busa informed that Headmistress continues to harrass his daughter on road even though his daughters are no longer studying in controversial Taleigao School. Education in Goa has hit crisis state and non other than Education Minister of the illegitimate government of Goa is responsible for this sad state of affairs in India. How long will this go on? Why? Is this Bamon Raj?

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