Monday, 10 March 2014

Corporate power combines with the power of bamon Raj to throw mulnivasis out of their lands

What is happening to Vanxim signifies what is happening to India. The root cause of the problem is Bamon Raj. It deeds dismantling very urgently. Nothing better can be expected with bamon raj in force. Their constitution itself - Manusmriti - is by nature document of guidelines of penalties for perpetuation of Bamon raj. In Vanxim Sale out only the Bamon Raj rates are hiked to multiple crores. Truly mind boggling if one looks at this Joint Joint Development Agreement very minutely. The below extract demonstrates as to how money is deployed to take over control over Vanxim. Bamon Raj believes that every one has a price and every one can be purchased. This document describes as to how the basics of corporate power combines with the power of bamon Raj to throw mulnivasis out of their lands.

"And whereas the properties mentioned in item No.4 of the Scheduled hereunder measuring 98,200 square meters (24.27 acres) are absolute property of the Church and portions of the same are on lease, in favour of certain individuals, some of whom have constructed structures/houses on the said property and some have purchased the property from the Church. First Party agrees to enter into 99 years lease with the Church for the same or facilitate the acquisition of the said lands more fully described in item no.4 of the Scheduled Property in favor of the Second Party within 90 (ninety) days of the agreement."

The intention to get hold of land any how - lease, sale, acquisition,black money, corrupting Archbishops, Silencing of protesting voices. These are the tools of the Bamon Raj.

"And whereas for various reasons the acquisition of the Scheduled Property has not taken place by the First Party as per the milestones set out in the Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005 and the parties have re-negotiated the terms and conditions which were agreed upon the said Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005. The First Party to fulfill his obligations has requested for additional security deposit and security deposit amount payable to the First Party has been increased to Rs.30,00,00,000 (Rupees thirty thousand crores only) and the Confirming Party No.2 herein paid a further sum of 7,00,00,000 (Rupees Sven crores only) to the First Party. It is agreed that upon execution of this, Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005 shall stand cancelled/terminated and in confirmation of the same the Confirming Party herein affixing its signature on this Joint Development Agreement. Notwithstanding the contends of this Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005, anything stated therein which is contrary to the terms of this Joint Development Agreement, in all circumstances shall prevail over the terms of the earlier Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005. The Parties hereto deem it necessary to have the amended terms and conditions recorded in writing and accordingly this Joint Development Agreement is made."

In the meanwhile the information about the Vanxim scandal is spreading far and wide, online and offline.

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