Wednesday 12 March 2014

The games Goa Chief Minister plays around Vanxim

The below letter was received by Maggie Silveira, President, Ilha de Vanxim Association on the evening of March 11, 2014. The is in response to the letter from Ilha de Vanxim Association of February 13, 2014. Chief Minister directed this letter dated 28th February 2014 full two weeks after he was called to stop the retaining wall work in Vanxim with immediate effect. That means Chief minister gave two weeks time for corporate Ozone and to Bamon Gaunekar to carry on their escapades. This is irresponsible behavior from the Chief Minister. 

 To add insult to the injury the letter is addressed to the Director of Panchayats calling for inquiry and action with additional time of  three weeks. So these weeks plus two weeks taken to reply the letter comes to five weeks. And the action taken will be based on the inquiry of the Director of Panchayat. Now Iha de Vanxim Association has not asked for all this. It has asked only one thing i.e. to stop the work on retaining wall with immediate effect and signatures of 56 people from Vanxim are attached to the letter.

With 56 signatures from the People of Vanxim who all came out opposing the Retaining Wall, as it is the very first point of 109 page Joint Development Agreement under the caption 'infrastructure'.This being the very first point of the Agreement where in Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar has 16.7% share of 5 star hotel and Spa which is mainly front for prostitution like most of them in Goa that he and Ozone jointly want to set up after Golf Course. The villagers understood how criminal this very project going to be for villagers as even before single stone is laid for construction, Villas in Vanxim are being advertised for sale in newspapers in Pune and on websites and will cost Rs. 20 crore and above.

This construction is shown to be done in paddy fields, mangrove lands, mud flats all by dumping mining waste from Bicholim and fill up the land to the height of two meters. It is high time that retaining wall is stopped with immediate effect. Ilha de Vanxim Association doesn't want any inquiry when 56 people signed in opposition to retaining wall. We justt wnat it to be stopped with immediately. CM's intervention is meant only to create space for corporate undue advantage. Earlier we used to believe this that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is toothless to defend Vanxim. Now with this letter confirms that he is suffering from selective tooth corrosion when it comes to Vanxim which is as good as he is toothless CM. In konkani the correct word for him is "bonchro".  

Indeed this are dangerous ways of subverting democratic expectation of decisive action on the part of CM to defend Vanxim. Yet he is delaying the matter. Justice delayed is Justice denied and this is exactly what he has been doing. He has denied justice to Vanxim. British has banned Bamons from occupying the post of Judges in Courts of Justice citing the reason that they do not have judicious character. Now it is time that they be banned from occupiying CM's post too. It is perhaps futile to expect Justice to Vanxim and Justice to mulnivasis from Goa CM. It is best that is packed off from power. He should step down with immediate effect for his games on Vanxim are clearly visible. His games cannot go for long. He is highly insecure for public dissatisfaction is steadily rising up. Footage of CCTV cameras reveals that he has deputed secret police to spy inside the Churches in South Goa last Sunday 9th March 2014.   On February 24, 2014 Ilha de Vaxim Association already called for resignation of Goa Chief Minister. Perhaps that's a reason the below letter is issued four days after this.

Department of Public Grievances
Government of Goa
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa - 403521

No. 2/110/2014/PG-Compt./442                  Dated 28/02/2014


The Director,
Directorate of Panchayats,
Panaji - Goa.

Sub: - Complain reg. Objection to retaining wall at Vanxim complain by Maggie Silveira, Ilha de Vanxim Association.


With reference to above cited subject, I am directed to forward herewith a copy of Grievance dated 13/2/2014 received from Maggie Silveira, Ilha de Vanxim Association, Em Vanxim, P.O. Piedade, Divar, Ilhas, Goa., addressed to Hon'ble Chief Minister.

You are requested to conduct necessary inquiry, in the matter and take appropriate action in the matter and action taken may please be informed to the Complaint with a copy endorsed to this office within 3 weeks. Prompt action will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

(Fransquinha Oliveira)
Under Secretary
Public Grievances

Copy to Maggie Silveira, Ilha de Vanxim Association, Em Vanxim, P.O. Piedade, Divar, Ilhas, Goa.

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