Saturday 15 March 2014

Vanxim land scandal to have very serious repurcussions

“That the Church has taken all the necessary permissions required as per the Rules and Regulations of the said Church and its authorities and the Church for execution of both the aforesaid agreement of sale Deed dated 09-04-1999, the sale Deed dated 11-02-2006 and the Deed dated 11-02-2006 and the Deed of assignment dated 11-02-2006, has duly authorized the respective representatives to execute the Documents on behalf of the Church”.

This paragraph extracted from Joint Development Agreement of 11-02-2006 makes clear the following facts:

1.       There are three legal documents that Church authorities have constructed along with Gaunekar to facilitate land grab in Vanxim island (a) Sale Deed dated 09-04-1999 (b) Sale Deed dated 11-02-2006 and (C) Deed of Assignment dated 11-02-2006.

2.       Church has taken necessary permissions to sell Vanxim. Whose permissions were taken? When they were taken? Who were members of expert team that recommended sale of Vanxim? These questions need answers.

3.       Rules and Regulationst of the Church was followed. Which rules and regulations facilitated this Vanxim scandal? Both the Archbishops of Goa has to answer publicly.

There is no way discussion on these two aspects of Vanxim scandal can be avoided. Church is a body of Christ and whoever has sold Vanxim including Goa’s Archbishops Gonsalves and Ferrao has committed sinful act ;if not rectified then will have very serious repercussions.

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