Friday, 28 February 2014

Vanxim is a biggest religious scandal of Goa

According to the information contained in Joint Development Agreement made and executed at the office of the sub-registrar's office, Panjim on 11th August 2009 is bearing serial number 2066. The two parties who are involved includes as follows:-

First Party - (1) Mr.Mahendra Gaunekar, 44 years of age son of late Purushotam Gaunekar.
 (2) Gaunekar's wife Mrs. Sonali Mahendra Gaunekar, 36 years of age. The address given for them is 36, D-2, Altinho, Panjim. Both these are referred as First Party in the agreement full of legal jargon aimed at taking control of entire Vanxim Island measuring 180 acres of land including paddy fields belonging to Santa Monica Convent and cultivated by Vanxim and Mayem people.

Second Party - Ozone Leisure and Resorts Private Limited, a company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 and having registration office at 38, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore - 560 042 by its authorized signatory Rajeev Choudhury, 51 years of age authorized by board resolution dated 10th June 2009. These are referred as Second Party.

What is emerging from this that the 119 page detail agreement; the decision to take over Vanxim was taken on 10th June 2009 by the Board of the Corporate. They felt no reason and need to consult the local people staying in Vanxim that moment even to inform if not take their consent. The intention of corporate as reflected is only to somehow to take over Vanxim Island by sale or by lease.

This decision of the corporate is totally dictatorial and anti-democratic. Not even Goa Government or local Panachayat was consulted before taking decision to take over Vanxim. What Ozone corporate did, of course with active support of the Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is that they went about buying MLA, Ministers, Chief Ministers, Sarpanchas etc. And number of them are even available for such shady deal for Indian democracy is designed for mushrooming of Corruption by M.K.Gandhi though his notorious Poona Pact imposed on Dr.Ambedkar on 24th September 1932.

And who said corporate are democratic? East India Company was not democratic. Corporate essentially does not have any seeds of democracy that's the reason as to why India is partitioned into Special Economic Zones lawfully in 2005 and Ozone group is specializing in setting them up even though it is not officially on record in joint development agreement.

Our elected representatives are reduced to be merely agents of Bamon raj and not genuine representative of those who elect them. There are however few ethical representatives who refuse to get cowed down by corporate and Bamon Raj bullying. One of them is Greta Vaz of Sao Mathias Panchayat who recently demonstrated that she is not going to be co-opted by co-corporate nor be transformed into agent of Bamon Raj to allow for invasion of Vanxim.

As per reported board decision there is no room for consulting local people staying in Vanxim before signing of this agreement. Hence this agreement is as fraud as Archbishop's decision to sell Vanxim to Mahendra Gaunekar without taking people of Vanxim into confident. Both these Bamon raj parties Corporate from Karnataka and Archbishop Neri from Goa relied on their abilities to silence and buy mulnivasi people off. The agreement amounts to invasion of Vanxim and calls for freedom struggle like the one against East India Company.

Sale of Vanxim is biggest scandal facing Goa today next only to mining scandal as far as economics is concerned. On mining number of people are speaking out boldly. Here on Vanxim because of the involvement of Archbishop there is reluctance to speak out against all the wrongs involved. This qualifies Vanxim issue to be biggest religious scandal of the Goa today where in Archbishop Ferrao neither has love for his Priests nor for his flock, and racing his way to sell Goa Diocese. Vanxim is a living testimony to this fact. People however will not remain silent for long nor will every one in Goa be brought off and co-opted. Waters of resistance are fast rising and very soon they will have the unexpected and shocking results. Nor pressure and threats to life can stop the rise of mulnivasi power to tear Bamon Raj asunder.

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