Saturday, 16 July 2016

Vanxim land scam documents kept secret by the office of Goa Archbishop

“The land shall not be sold in perpetuity, for the land is mine, for you are strangers and sojourners with me” (Lev 25: 23)                               

Pope Francis in Laudato Sí, Para 67

List of highly manipulated Vanxim sale documents that Goa Archbishop has kept hidden from Public
1.      Document of transfer of Vanxim to Santa Monica Convent, Old Goa
2.      Document of Obligations or weight or Pessao (which means natural justice) for transferring Vanxim to Santa Monica
3.      Document of transfer of Vanxim from Santa Monica convent to Archbishop of Goa
4.      Document of Santa Monica that states that Vanxim be sold in order to pay for Santa Monica convent’s maintenance.
5.      Document containing letters to Archbishop’s team from companies and individuals seeking to buy Vanxim Island since 1992.
6.      Letters from Tenant Association of Vanxim recommending sale of Vanxim Paddy fields.
7.      MoUs signed by tenants with Mahendra Gaunekar over sale of Vanxim Paddy field in possession of the Archbishop.
8.      Letters from Goa Archbishop’s team sent to the Holy See seeking permission to sell Vanxim Island to Mahendra Gaunekar as per Canon 1291 (how was it presented to Vatican? Was it stated that Island of Vanxim is being sold for Golf Course, private marinas, casinos, luxury villas, 5 star hotel, helipad, recreational club etc?
9.      Letter from the Holy See received in 1997 granting permission to sell Vanxim (vide letter Prot.  No. 1466/97 dated 08/04/1997).
10.  All the reports as per Canon 1292. They are the consent reports and minutes from the financial council of the Goa Diocese and the College of Consultors and the experts that gave their advice to sell Vanxim.
11.  The names of those who signed consent report.
12.  Names of those who constituted Financial Council that took decision to sell Vanxim.
13.  Names of those who constituted College of Consultors and expert who advised sale of Vanxim Island.
14.  Names of Competent and knowledgeable individuals who advised that entire Vanxim Island be sold instead of portion of it.

These documents must be made public by the office of the Archbishop of Goa.

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