Friday, 29 July 2016

Vanxim water bodies and paddy fields marked for conversion for starred resort and luxury villas

Here we present the map of Vanxim procured from Investment Promotion Board. The Map and the accompanying table shows detail break up of the paddy fields and water bodies marked for conversion for settlement zone. Table shows break up of 82595 square meters of Vanxim land as per the survey records. The logic is rather strange: Paddy fields when they are not cultivated automatically turns into Orchard! And from orchard it is very easy to convert it into settlement zone! Water bodies are already shown as settlement zone! 

Daylight robbery or thuggery of land though Bamon raj we protest, we condemn. Lets never stop speaking out truth loudly!

We have already exposed corruption in Tenants Association of Vanxim that destroyed agricultural activities and State connivance. 

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