Sunday 9 April 2023

Caurem Mining Public Hearing Canceled

Bowing to the tremendous pressure of Caurem villagers to oppose  the project, the “Goa State Pollution Control Board,” Saligao, Barbez,  Under the Direction,issued by District Megistrate South Goa has, Cancelled environmental public hearing scheduled on 11/04/2023 at Government high school Ground maina Quepem Goa with respect to

“ZAMBLIDADGA DONGOR IRON AND MANGANESE ORE MINE” Bearing Mining Lease Number M.L. No.3/FeMn/79 Having an area of 70.20 Ha located at Survey.No. 19/0 (part) of Caurem village, Quepem Taluka, South Goa District, Goa Lessee Late Shri.Naraina Sinai Quirtonim,Represented by Smt, Pradnya Zoivant Poi Cano alias Pradnya Zoivant Pai Cano,

Notice regarding Cancellation of public hearing issued today, Sunday 09/04/2023 By Goa State Pollution Control Board .

It may be recalled that GAKUVED Federation has opposed proposed project. A PIL Writ petition was filed in the High Court of Bombay at Goa Bench  05.04.2023 on the proposed mine ZAMBLIDADGA DONGOR IRON AND MANGANESE ORE MINE (M.L. No.3/FeMn/79) at Sy.No. 19/0 of Caurem village by Gawada Kunbi Velip & Dhangar Federation(GAKUVED) and 9 other petitioners from Caurem village . CAUREM Villagers had recently passed an unanimous resolution opposing the diversion of forest land for mining or any other industrial purpose at Sy.No. 19 of Caurem village, in the Gram-sabha of V.P Caurem - Pirla held on 02.04.2023.

The tribal forest dwellers have their cultivation on the mountain at Sy.No. 19/0 and are also engaged in collecting minor forest produce. The said mountain is an ecological hotspot and is known for its biodiversity and wildlife. The said mountain also has a religious importance and the springs that originate from the bottom of the mountain fulfils the drinking as well as irrigation water needs of the village. There are a total 149 individual claims and one community resource rights (CFR) claim filed on this mountain under FRA, which are due for settlement.

The GAKUVED had earlier sought interim relief from the High Court to cancel the Public Hearing scheduled on 11 April 2023 with regards to the application for prior Environmental Clearance submitted by the mining lessee and matter is likely to come up for urgent hearing on Monday 10/04/2023 in High Court of Bombay at Goa. 

Other relief sought were to:

1. Directions to expedite the process of settlement of the forest rights claim of the villagers of Caurem in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Forest Rights Act,2006.


2. Not to process the applications for Environmental Clearance submitted by the mining lessee for mining of minerals in Sy. no. 19/0 Caurem village, Quepem taluka until the forest rights claim of the villagers of Caurem are settled.

The respondents are as follow:

1. State of Goa,Through the Chief Secretary of Goa 

2. Directorate of Mines and Geology

3. The Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority

4. The Chief Conservator of Forests, Goa

5. The Collector & District Magistrate, South Goa

6. The Deputy Collector & S.D.O

7. The Village Panchayat of Caurem

8. Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

9. Ministry of Tribal Affairs 

10. Goa State Pollution Control Board

11. Smt. Pradnya Zoivant Poi Cano alias Pradnya Zoivant Pai Cano (Lessee)

Now Public hearing being Cancelled GAKUVED is hopeful that the proposed project would be scrapped.


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