Friday 7 April 2023

Interrogating Justin de Santa Cruz Konkani song on Archt. Elsa Fernandes

Two days ago Justin de Santa Cruz uploaded his newly composed Konkani song "Soth tem Soth" on Archt. Elsa Fernandes. There are few things in this song that are offensive to Archt. Elsa Fernandes, her integrity and reputation. Infact they are dehumanizing to the core. He not only sang threatening life of Archt. Elsa Fernandes but crosses several more boundaries. His song is a collage of personal allegations against her as well as her family members. Her principled stand in defence of ecology has been re-interpreted as hurdle for development. 'Soth tem soth' which means Truth is Truth is a talented Public Relations work - if not mercenary mission - for Santa Cruz Panchayat that has launched tirade against Archt. Elsa Fernandes in multiple ways from February 26, 2023 Gram Sabha nine questions. The strategy seems to be to demonstrate mass dissatisfaction against the very presence of an individual : Archt. Elsa Fernandes at Panchayat Gram Sabhas. This is some kind of prejudice that Santa Cruz Panchayat members are harboring and it got spilled out in Justin de Santa Cruz YouTube song wherein Archt. Elsa Fernandes is referred to as 'Khapullem' which means Negro. People with black complexion are referred to as Negros. Justin de Santa Cruz has forgotten the phrase "Black is Beautiful!" Archt. Elsa had no choice on colour of her skin. It is part of her genetic information. Justin has launched attack on genes of Arct. Elsa Fernandes because of her skin colour. This is prejudice so deep. Justin de Santa Cruz has launched racist attack against Archt. Elsa Fernandes that is violation of her Fundamental Right under Article 14 of the Constitution of India that prohibits race as the basis of discrimination. Justin de Santa Cruz is liable to be criminally as well as civilly charged under various laws in force and can earn him jail sentence should Archt. Elsa decides to act. It is violation of her dignity as a human and as woman and case needs to be lodged. It is also an offence under Information Technology Act to promote racism by use of Internet. And even if she doesn't act the onus is upon People of Goa to condemn this racist stereotyping.

Justin de Santa Cruz has accused Archt. Elsa of taking bribes and allowing filling up of paddy fields and salt pans in Merces village. This is an attack on her reputation that attracts criminal as well as civil defamation against Justin de Santa Scruz. 

Archt. Elsa Fernandes had no authority in past or present either to allow or disallow any such activities in her neighboring village of Merces. Why didn't Justin de Santa Cruz block those paddy fields and salt pans in Merces from getting filled up? Who had stopped him? Perhaps Justin might not even be aware that video clips he has included in his video in this regard are of Merces Panchayat Jurisdiction.

Justin de Santa Cruz has defended illegal compound walls in the village without considering planning ethics. Then goes about launching allegations against her brother with use of another racist word 'ghati'.

He goes further in his five minutes video and sings glories to construction of Panchayat Ghar in Khazan land. So according to him the destruction of Goa's khazan lands are desirable! Justin de Santa Cruz has to re-asses his position on Khazan land as CZMP approved by Central Government has demarcated that land as Khazan land even though some builders might have purchased the land to put up their constructions projects in Khazans.

Justin de Santa Cruz trumpets that Archt. Elsa Fernandes is removed as convenor of Village Development Committee (VDC) even though Santa Cruz Panchayat website continues to list Elsa Fernandes as the Convenor of VDC as of on April 05, 2023. It appears that Justin de Santa Cruz hasn't checked his facts before composing his song and got himself in rot under influence from some quarters best known to him. Hope he know to swim in troubled waters he has jumped into before commenting upon Archt. Elsa's swimming skills.

Overall Justin de Santa Cruz is an ugly specimen of worst available racist, male chauvinistic,  deteriorated and degraded bundle of values peddled as art form: Cantar. This is tragic for the reason that Calapur is historically known aa high standard art village. Village now is sought to be ripped apart for a massive urban prowl. 

Yet the song is not just about Santa Cruz. Its call for an aggression against all those people all over over Goa who stand up to the oppresive system and share values that Archt. Elsa Fernandes shares. In other words Justin de Santa Cruz gives out the message to eliminate those standing up to defend Goa's Ecology: Khazan, Forests, Rivers, Coast, Paddy Fields. This is not acceptable as it amounts to erasure of what the green, ecologically frail Goa we know and cherish.

Song is interspersed with photo of Santa Cruz Sarpanch and interviews with Panchayat officials that gives an impression that Panchayat is behind this nasty video against Archt. Elsa Fernandes.

From where do Justin de Santa Cruz got all these destructive ideas? Such ideas are demonic in character and there is a need to investigate and find out as to where he has been frequenting to sing his aggression heading towards deadly disaster. 

There is a need to investigate as to who planted flags of rebellion against Archt. Elsa Fernandes in his mind, for those responsible to encourage and finance him are equally responsible and must be identified and tried criminally.

Justin de Santa Cruz is just in the massive rot. And he is not Just. He is an epitome of unparalleled prejudiced creature. He is in need of exorcism to get himself sober and vommit out all the evil in his thoughts and heart.

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