Saturday 22 April 2023

Illegal Sand Mining in Mandovi from Chamerem, Chorao

Illegal Sand mining by cannoes is going on daily during night time in Mandovi as per the reports. Robbed sand is unloaded from cannoes at Chamerem, Chorao in close proxity to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.,73.88377155,18.49587146a,970.27429283d,35y,-143.01797567h,44.99134263t,360r

After loading the stolen sand in several trucks in violation of DGP order on Sand mining of March 17, 2022 cannoes are hidden near the sluice gate. Click here.,73.88297144,18.2950041a,635.14980088d,35y,-129.6202791h,44.98921208t,0r 

Illegal Sand mining stretches from Chorao Ferry point upto Devagi near Maddel, Chodan. Click here.,73.89495742,18.47163325a,5875.06789844d,35y,-140.81190014h,45.02252481t,360r

Each cannoe robs three trucks early morning from 5.00 am to 10.00 am. Six such cannoes are operating from the same spot. Mines and Geology department, Goa Police, Captain of Ports, Transport Department, Tiswadi Mamlatdar as well as North Goa Collector is duty bound to crackdown on this illegal sand mining. 

It is however evident that sand miners cares a dam for any of these authorities and even invested in brand new cannoes.

Illegal Sand mining also takes place from Vanxim island and sand is being transported in four wheelers in Amboi-Vanxim Ferry.

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