Monday 18 June 2012

How Bamons used and discarded catholics in Goa - Part 2

After bamons got their language - devnagri konkni - declared as an official language of Goa the leadership of Bhahujan samaj as well as Catholics was carefully managed to see that the fresh protests does not erupt in favour of Marathi and Raman Konkani. Bhahujan leadership was co-opted and according to Ramnath G. Naik, Ravi Naik was covertly supported by Brahmins as the Chief Minister of Goa in the decade of 1990s mainly to weaken the movement in favour of Marathi. Similarly in the decade of 2000s Churchill Alemao was made the PWD minister in the Bamon Digambar Kamat government to end political articulation in support of Roman Script Konkani. After effective political fixations both the groups did not articulate themselves in a manner that was benefiting to this Brahmani conspiracy. None from either camp linked language disputes in Goa to the burning desire of Saraswats towards domination.

Mediums of instruction dispute first came to the surface in early 1990s. Group of people argued publicly in favour of English as the medium of instruction. They were strongly challenged and put down by the lobby arguing for konkni language mainly claiming to be mother tongue. It was well known that shudra catholics used roman script konkani language as their mother tongue. When devnagri language was pushed down the throat as medium of instruction for school education the discussion then found a slow end.

No one however challenged devnagri konkni as the language of the Bamons till very recently when Fr. Pratap Naik S.J. did that. The voice of protest against if had to be effective had to be against brahminical conspiracy. This voice in public policy and public protests was missing and still missing. The route that protest against devnagri konkni took was that the schools that were getting grants for Konkni particulary those manages by Diocesan Education Society instead of devnagri konkni as medium of instruction shifted to English. That means instead of direct, bold and intellectually sound challenge to devnagri konkni itself it chose to catch the bull by his tail. For many academic years number of diocesan schools carried on this practice. This came as a direct challenge to the devnagri konkni. If the official languages of Goa were Raman konkni and marathi then this shifting would have not been warranted as there would have been logical choice for the medium of instruction between marathi and roman konkani particularly because both the parties are shudras with clear and strong leadership that understands caste undercurrents in crystal clear manner. But this was not to be.

Sadly this was missing in both the cases. The protests had to be as backdoor as mainly due to the weak leadership of Roman konkni movement. The leadership either did not understood the caste under-currents or they compromised with the Brahmanism interests. The first the lack of caste consciousness and depth in understanding of functioning of caste system as well as second position of compromise and co-option of Roman konkani leadership are both appropriate. Roman konkni leadership has remained satisfied with the carrots offered to them by the state as posts of Cabinet Ministers or as funding for Dalgado Academy and Tiatr Academy of late. This is a third hurdle in the process that cropped up: the weak and compromising leadership. There is a need to investigate as to why this situation came about and ways to rapidly amend this situation.

Nevertheless this backdoor entry to English was interpreted as an assault on Brahmanism identity in Goa there by guaranteeing major casualties for its survival due to institutional support to the revolt. brahminical interests found it intolerable that such a large scale organised revolt is taking place across the state of Goa: Schools are taking funding for devnagri konkni and in practice it was all English medium. Brahmins already have their stronghold in politics as well as judiciary. State government was called upon to act just the same way as in Ramayana  Ram is called upon to act to stop learning by Shudra named Swayambu. Ram then kills Swayambu via treachery and gives new lease of life to Brahmanism. It was not easy for the chief minister Digambar Kamat to take the avatar of Rama to do the murderous act as in Ramayana but process of treachery is on.

Brahmins promoted setting up of the organization by the name of Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksh Manch. Brahmins, by the way are Non-Resident Eurasians by their DNA as per front page story of Times of India of 21st May 2001 coupled with research finding of Jay Dixit. What do they got to do with the Indian languages it is a matter of guesswork. Brahmins experienced acute sense of insecurity. Which is the insecurity? Suppose due to the action of all these shudras converted to Catholicism abandon Devanagari konkni and take to English? They will progress as they will as their education will be in English medium. More importantly these Shudras will break the net of devnagri konkni and the net of Bamons that has already destroyed Shudra mulnivasis two generations and Bamon Uday Bhembre cares a dam about it. If these shudras break free and unite with global language of English then they will soon take over and become rulers of their land. brahmins will become outdated. The insecurity is not for the language but it is for Brahmins. Language is only the cover up.That's why the word 'Suraksha'. It is common practice amongst brahmins in India to shout on the top of their voice that either 'dharma' is insure or 'bhasha' is insecure. They do this whenever brahmins feels insecure. Why don't they shout then that brahmins are insecure?  Because if they do then bhahujan samaj will not support them. To get the support of the majority of Bhahujan samaj they have to indulge in this dangerous game. They are after all 3.5% of India's population ruling over everyone else exactly by this means. Not sure if Tomazinho Cardozo, Rose Ferns, Prince Jacob, Young Chicko, Anthony Veronica and the tiatrists are aware of it. They surely are yet to be awakened otherwise they would have not allowed catholic community to be reduced to tissue paper of the Bamons.

Why did the word 'Bharatiya' was used? This word was used to mobilize Bhahujan samaj against mulnivasi catholics. It was engineered on the similar lines when Catholics were supported by Brahmins to defeat bhahujan Samaj in 1967 opinion poll and 1986 language agitation. Now brahmin planning has witnessed role reversals: Bhahujan samaj is sought to be mobilized against mulnivasi Catholics. So here we come to the threshold of our history where in both the groups are used against each other. This has taken place mainly because the leadership of bhahujan Samaj as well the leadership of mulnivasi catholic have allowed their respective communities to be used for the benefit of Brahmins. Any group that allows to be used never progresses. What progress do toilet paper make? Bhahujan Samaj as well as Catholics in Goa are used as tissue paper by Bamons. Both have to unite and overthrow the Bamon Raj. It is just not enough to trumpet 'illegal'. 'Illegal' according to whose laws? Which caste made the laws? Which caste rules this country? Which caste rules Goa? Who are allowing themselves to be fodder for their rules? Food for deep thought and nourishment for bold action.

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