Saturday 2 June 2012

When Goa Police turns law breaker...

Law and order situation in Goa is showing the sign of a new low with Police themselves indulging in illegal tree cutting. This can take place only in case of full back up from the home minister. The Home Minister is also Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar. In the given illustration Bhahujan mulnivasi Naik family in Advalpal, Bicholim that is involved in opposing mining industry has been harassed in the following manner.Naik family is involved in agitation and litigation against Goa's biggest mining companies like Vendanta, Salgaoncar and Fomentos.

The complaints has been lodged before the Deputy collector/ Sub Divisional Magistrate, Police Inspector, Goa Police complaints Authority over the role of police in unauthorized cutting of coconut trees. The text of the complaints filed by Kishore Naik and Shamsunder Naik from H.No. 115, Advalpal, Warchawada, Bicholim, Goa is as follows:

Date: 25/5/2012


Sub: Complaint against illegal cutting o coconut trees from my property

I Shri Kishore Pundalik Naik, son of Shri Pundalik Naik, 40 years of age, in business, married and residing at above address, would like to lodge complaint as under:-

1) That I am residing at the above address since my birth along with my old mother and other family members and the said house is existing in the property known as Warchawada, bearing Survey number 35, sub division 20 of village Advalpal, Bicholim, Goa.

2) That my house is having compound wall of laterite stones and bricks on all the four sides having coconut trees and other trees in the same.

3) That on 24/05/2012 at about 3.00 pm when i along with my family members were not in the house a fire (at Miramar at the relevant time) a fire brigade squad from Bicholim station along with one Shri Ulhas Chari, Pradip Desai and Prakash Desai all residents of Mestawado came to our residential house with the help of police protection force P.C. bearing buckle No. 4313, and P.C. bearing Buckle No. 4150 attached to Bicholim Police station, came and cut down two coconut trees existing in my compound wall without giving any prior notice of the same.

4) That, at the relevant time my neighbour by name Mr. Vijay Padloskar objected and questioned for cutting down the coconut trees in absence of owner of the said property on which it was replied that they are having a order from the Authority for cutting down the said trees.

5) That on receipt of information about the same I immediately approached the Bicholim Police station for inquiry on which the Police Inspector showed me the order wherein it was noticed that the order was for cutting the trees from the property of Mr. Mahadeo Sagun Naik.

6) Sir, this is to bring to your kind notice that my coconut trees are illegally cut down in my absence and without giving me necessary information/notice, hence i therefore request you to take immediate necessary action against the culprits as per Law who had cut down my coconut trees from my properties.

Yours sincerely,

(Shri Kishore Pundalik Naik)


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