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How Bamons used and discarded Marathas-OBC-Kunbis in India - Part 3

·         ‘Reservation cannot be above 50%’ is one myth Eurasian Brahmins has spread amongst our mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj intellectuals.
Analysis: - if reservation cannot be above 50% then how come it is 71% in Tamilnadu? Is Tamilnadu out of India?  Is constitution of India not applicable to Tamilnadu? Is Tamilnadu foreign territory? How come in South India viz Tamilnadu there is 71% reservation and in North India it is only 50%? Why this difference?

Because in Tamilnadu witnessed self-respect movement of Periyar E. V. Ramsami. That’s why huge awakening came about amongst mulnivasis. This goal oriented and goal inspired movement was carried on Tamilnadu by Periyar E.V.Ramasami and in Kerala by Guru Narayan.

How did Periyar generated awakening amongst mulnivasi?
1.    Periyar Ramasami used to wear drums around his neck. On both ends of the drum he used to tie the pictures of God’s and Goddesses. He then used to beat these pictures of gods and goddesses with the shoes of his legs.
2.    Then he used to put all the Gods and Goddesses on hand cart. This hand cart he used to take to the Madras (Chennai) square. Then he used to beat each God and Goddess with the shoe of his leg. While beating he used to speak to people. What he used to speak? ‘Here see your God. I am beating him with shoe of my leg. He cannot defend himself then how will he defend you? Then he used to pick next God-Goddess and beat them up with his shoes. Periyar Ramasam was from OBC category.
3.    After finished with bashing of Gods-Goddesses with the shoes of his legs he would climb up on the same hand cart and from top address gathered public. What would he say in his speech? He would say “Hey you people, if you see snake and Brahman simultaneously then who would you beat?” Then people would reply “Snake”. On this Periyar would respond “never beat a snake but beat up a Brahmin till he is crushed, because snake bite will end life of only one human being but if Brahman intervenes then generations and generations get finished up”.

Conclusion: In South India Ram was beaten up with shoes and they got 71% reservation, and in North India Ram is worshiped that’s why they are given 50% of reservation. From this mulnivasi Bhahujan must decide as to what action must be adopted.

Now lets turn to the issue of why 50% reservation. Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Yashwantrao Chandrachud gave one judgement and in that judgment he said that reservation cannot be above 50%. When Supreme Court judge delivers judgment it translates into a law. That’s how the decision of the former Supreme Court judge Yashwantrao Chandrachud transformed into law. This is puzzle of 50% reservation. Eurasian Brahmins always eat mud for the sake of their caste while our mulnivasis bury their caste in mud or provide mud to their caste. Why did former supreme court judge decided to fix limits of reservation to 50%?

% Reservation


This means 74.5% people are given 49.5% reservation.

For the sake of calculation lets assume 75% people are given 50% reservation. This means 75 people are given 50 bhakri. Those who are converted has a population of 10.5%. They do not have any reservation.
This means 75% people have 50% reservation. 10.5% people have no reservation.

This means 85% people are accounted for as above. Now how many people are remaining? 15% (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya) and how much reservation remaining? 50%

This means 15% Eurasian brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya = 50% reservation.

This means 15 people are given 50 bhakri and 85 mulnivasi people are given 50 bhakri.  Is this a justice? That’s why Dr.Ambedkar would always say, “All the Brahmins of the Country are badmash. But Brahmins from Poona are top of them in their badmash quality. This is because they merged the kingdom of bhumiputras established by Bhahujan Pratipalak, Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj into Peshwayee (Kingdom of Brahmins).” Dr. Ambedkar used to utter one special word for the description of Brahmins from Poona. What was that word? Poona Brahmins!

From this sin city hailed badmash Brahman Yashwantrao Chandrachud who delivered the judgment that reservations percentage must not cross 50%. For 50% women 33% reservation and for 52% OBCs 27% reservations – What a justice!!

Can the 50% ceiling be cancelled? Yes. Condition of 50% ceiling can be scrapped. How?

When Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister he changed Shah Bano judgment with 2/3rd majority as per article 368 of the constitution. Not only that adult franchise age was reduced from 21 to 18 via constitutional amendment under article 368 with majority vote in Parliament. By this decision he made mockery of democracy. From the time Rajiv Gandhi changed the voting age from 21 to 18 bogus voting increased because young people like to show off their performance that is different from the rest. This way by studying the psychology of our youth voting age was changed from 21 to 18. To do this constitutional amendment was carried and with 2/3rd majority legislation was passed. Even if the above law was made by Supreme Court it can be changed. How come then the condition of ban on reservations above 50% cannot be changed? It can be changed. According to Article 368 this condition can be repealed. But till date it is not repealed. Today in Parliament there are 200 MPs, SC + ST 119 MPs and Muslim 18 MPs are existing.
That means
1) OBC has 200 MPs,
2) SC+ST has 119 MPs
3) Muslims has 18 MPs

                     = 337

This means today in Parliament out of 543 MPs 337 MPs are mulnivasis. They constitute 2/3rd Majority. They can amend the constitution as per article 368 and cancel the Supreme Court ceiling on reservation to 50%. They can provide (adequate) reservation (representation) to all proportionate to their population. Why these 337 MPs did not do this way? It is not heard that these 337 mulnivasi MPs have done this way because even though these 337 MPs are mulnivasis they do not have independent identity. They do not have independent rights. This is so because they have been elected from some political party or the other. Example Congress, BJP + Sena, Communist etc. That’s what they have to obey the orders from their respective parties. They cannot violate their party high commands. Suppose by mistake they violate the orders from their high party commands then they will not get tickets to contest the elections. That’s what ever decisions, whatever orders party high commands issues these MPs have to accept it silently. This means brahmanical parties has transformed mulnivasi MPs into slaves. In spite of having mouth they have not right to speak in the Parliament.  If they have to speak then they have to take permission from High Command.  High Command does not give permission to mulnivasi MPs to speak on any of their problems. This means that all the brahmanical parties have transformed our elected representatives into slaves. Here then what could be the plight of common people?

This means that in order to give proportionate representation 50% reservation ceiling will have to be scrapped through constitutional amendment via article 368 with 2/3rd majority in Parliament. This is the only way out. This can be done by MPs elected by people but the current MP unable to do this. The reason is ‘Poona Pact’.

Our mulnivasi people of bhahujan Samaj have allowed Euresian Brahmins to create one illusion amongst them. Which illusion? Due to caste based reservation people with merit and talents suffer. Some of our mulnivasi people also thinks this way and form their opinions.

What is merit or talent?
Opinion of Vishwaratna Mahamanav Babasaheb Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar about merit meaning talent:-

Dr. Ambedkar says there is no quality named merit or talent.
1.    Quality of ability
2.    Quality of Honesty
3.    Quality of intelligence
If these three things come together and if found opportunity and with training Merit means talent may get generated. Dr. Ambedkar further holds that

1.    Eurasian Brahmin have ability
2.    He has intelligence
3.    He has honesty
But he is not our representative because he uses all these qualities exclusively for the welfare his own caste. That’s why Babasaheb said “Till date Brahmins have not created a single Voltaire.”

Dr. Ambedkar says Eurasian Brahmin is honest only for his own caste. He is never honest with us. Babasaheb explains this with evidence.

Brahmin worships Ram who is a Kshatriya, and Brahmin also worships Parshurama who destroyed earth 21 times to eliminate Khstriyas from the face of earth.

Brahmin worships Saraswati who is non-violent. Brahmin also worships Kalimata who needs sacrifice of life.

Brahmin worship at darga of hazimlanga who is a muslim, and brahmin also worships Vishnu who is a brahmin.

Brahmin becomes a priest at Bodhgaya who does not accept Varna system. Brahmin also worships Vishnu who accepts Varna system.

This means Eurasian Brahmin is not at all honest. He is number one badmash. He keeps on changing his colours like a calothes. He will turns his back as the wind blows. He behaves in accordance with times. He always behaves according to the situation.

Senoir thinker Haribhau Narke distinguishes holds that talents or merit changes. Capacity + Opportunity + Taining = Talent. Hon. Haribhau Narke has given an interesting list of those academically been failures. About these failed people Hon. Haribhau Narke is raising a question whether they have no merits or no talents?

Failure list: -

1)    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – Failed Metric 4 times
2)    Marotirao Kannamvar, former Chief Minister of Maharastra – Thumb impression.
3)    Indira Gandhi failed entrance exams of Oxford university 3 times.
4)    Keshubhai Patel, former Chief Minister of Gujarat – 4th Standard passed.
5)    Vasantdada Patil, Former Chief Minister of Maharastra – 4th Standard passed.
6)    Sharad Pawar got 35% in 11th  Standard (Old Metric). This means he got just 35 marks in each subject.
7)    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – had failed.
8)    Shushilkumar Shinde – had failed.
9)    J.R.D.Tata – had failed  times.
10)  Bill Gates, world’s richest man – abandoned college half way.
11)  Dhirubhai Ambani – failed.
12) Birla – Failed.
13) Einstein – Failed.
14)  Newton – Failed.
15) Edison – Failed.

Was there no merit in above people? Was there no talent in above people? This means above people had merit in them. They had talent in them. That’s why they shined in different fields because they got opportunity.

Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule has studied only up to 7th standard. Rashtrasant Gadge Maharaj had not studied in school even for a day. Karmavir Bhaurao Patil failed four times in 6th Standard. Sahitya Samrat Annabhau Sathe went to school only once. Today can even single Ph.d holder is around that can be compared to his caliber? The answer to this is in negative.

This means the there is no relations between education and Merit means Talents.

Supreme Court judgment of 10th April 2008 regarding Talent –

Opportunity + Capacity = Talent

According to the opinion of Hon. Haribhau Narke –

·         How the distribute must take place? How should be an ideal distribution?
Suppose a single family has 4 children.
The first – Collector
The second – Doctor
The third one – Engineer
The fourth one – illiterate farmer.

How should the distribution of wealth must take place in this family? Just because Collector is most fitting will he be given biggest share in land, utensils and other things? Or will the largest share will be given to the one who is weak? Will the distribution be carried on based on fitness/ Cleverness/ merit?

This means here we cannot afford to focus only on merit, talents, cleverness or fitness. If the person is poor, weak, and powerless; that person will have to be give biggest share.

·         How the marks are increased?
Educated family/ Money/ Education/ Class/ surrounding/ Values/ friends/ facilities/ Ancestry… because of all this marks are increased.

For thousands of years those who were deprived from education, power, and wealth were deliberate kept deprived. They are applied criteria of merit. Who?  For thousands of years those who are getting education, power, wealth, and abundant protection to all their rights, they are the ones. For thousands of years in order to develop themselves all the opportunities were open to them and in spite of that if they are still poor then what is the fault of others? They must truly be high grade fools. For those whom opportunities were open for thousands of years, if they are still backward and poor they there cannot be bigger fools than themselves.

Eurasian Brahmins believe themselves highly intelligent/ highly capable/ full of merit. If they are really so then they must answer the questions below:
1.    In India before transfer of power took place on 15th August 1947 and Constitution of India came in force Eurasian Brahmins had all power. They were India’s destiny makers. Inspite of this how come Shak, Kushan, Hun, Dutch, Portuguese, Moghuls, British came and ruled India? Why our situation become so pathetic that anyone could come and rule over us? There is no history that says that Eurasian Brahmins ruled any other country other than India. Instead because of incapability of Eurasian Brahmins above invaders came and ruled India they way they liked. What is most important that Eurasian Brahmins co-operated with all the above foreign invaders.

Based on horoscope Brahmins predicts mulnivasi people’s future and collect their dakshina, how come based on their horoscope they did not predict that India to get enslaved because of foreign invasions? Why? Eurasian Brahmins does not have any satisfactory answer this.

2.    After British transferred power to Eurasian  Brahmins and Constitution got enforced entire India’s rule is in the hands of Eurasian Brahmins alone. They have total control over Legislative Assemblies, legislative Councils, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Administration, Judiciary as well as media. In short the four pillars of democracy – (1) legislature (2) Executive – Council of ministers + Class one officers (3) Judiciary (4) Press, all these has a domination and control of Brahmins and Banias. That means they have control over Democracy itself. These means that what we have is not democracy but brahmanocracy. This is a Peshwayee. In spite of this being the case of total control in Brahmins and banias why there are riots, burnings, bomb blasts? How come foreign terrorists enter India and indulge in terrorists activities? How come so many scams – Hawala scam, bofors scam, chara scam, koila scam, Taj scam, Share stamp paper scam,… like this thousands of scams take place on daily basis. Why? Murders-fights, dacoits, burnings, looting, rapes have become daily features. In spite of rule being in the hands of Brahmins- banias this is the state of affairs. Where has merit of Eurasian Brahmins gone? Where has their talent gone?

During the rule of mulnivasi baliraja smoke used to evaporate out of gold smelting. Now smoke evaporates after the bomb blast and houses are burned by handlooms. Military is supposed to protect and defend us. Meaning soldiers are our protectors. These very soldiers indulge in bomb blasts and become our destroyers. They are kept as soldiers in order to bomb enemies outside the country. They are creating bomb blasts in our own country. Where has the merit of Brahmins gone? Is this their talent? Mulnivasis must thinks seriously on this.

3.    After transfer of power in India meaning after British handed over power in the hands of Eurasian Brahmins and Constitution of India was enforced all the top officers in Government companies and Public limited companies were Brahmins - Banias. How come then all these Government companies and Public limited companies ran into losses? You’ll have great merit. You’ll are highly talented. Then, how come Government companies and public limited companies plunged into losses? Why did privatization of government companies and public limited companies started? Constitution has accepted socialism and not privatization.

In India in spite of entire rule is under the control of Brahmins- Banias today 83 crore people are on the verge of starvation. These 83 crore people have their daily income at just Rs.20/-. Today in India daily income of 27 crore people is just Rs.11/- Today in India 24 crore people get only one meal a day. They do not get second meal. Today 21 crore people do not have capacity and possibility to get their two daily meals.

Today in India 5000 children die because they do not get clean water to drink.

Today 65% of population are not aware of the existence of the constitution of India.

Today 7.5 crore children in India are child labourers. This is their age to laugh, to play and to study.

Today 12.5 crore youth – boys and girls are unemployed.

Past 10 years one lakh 82 thousand farmers committed suicides and in the past two years 16,632 farmers have committed suicides.

In Maharastra thousands of adivasis (mulnivasis) children are dying because of malnutrition, due to non-availability of food at Melghat, Amravati. In Kalahandi, Orissa adivasis have to live by eating mango seeds.

In West Bengal people survive by eating animal feed. In some places mulnivasis people are compelled to sell their own children.

Today in India there are 30 lakh beggars who beg at S.T stands, Railway stations and other public places.

Today 20 lakh women are subjected to atrocities and what is special about it is that there is not a single Eurasian Brahmin in it. Similarly there are no women belonging to the families of Poojaries, Businessmen, and Politicians. This is a merit of Eurasian Brahmins.

Viswarantna, Mahamanav, Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar says “Intelligence is a double edged sword”. This means with the assistance of your intelligence you can serve society, you can promote social welfare, social progress. When? If you are honest to society. But if you are not honest with society means if you are dishonest with society then with the support of your intelligence you can destroy society. Eurasian Brahmins were intelligent but not honest. That’s why through written religious scripture they deprived us of our rights. Meaning they made us their slaves. Rashtrpita Jyotirao Phule, Rajashri Shahu Maharaj and Dr.Ambedkar were all intelligent. Through their intelligence they strongly promoted welfare of society. They freed us from slavery. They gave all the deprived rights. Who has got merit? Who is intelligent? Readers must decide on this.

4.    How Eurasian Brahmins became intelligent?
Eurasian Brahmins kept others illiterate/ uneducated/miseducated but educated themselves. For this purpose this took assistance of religion and religious scriptures. This means they kept mulnivasi people deliberately uneducated and educated themselves: that’s how they became intelligent. Actually this is called deception. They were clever or intelligent or talented. If from the beginning everyone had equal opportunity then only Brahmin would have become intelligent and we would have remained uneducated, illiterate? Never.

It is like wrestler entering inside battle ring and there is no one to fight him. He shouts alone. This is situation of Eurasian Brahmin. He deliberately did not allow other to get educated and he educated himself and began to exclaim that ‘I am clever, I am intelligent, I have merit.’

But from the time mulnivasi people from were granted constitutional rights to get educated, several mulnivasi people began to get educated. Then Brahmins got upset and began to shout in the name of merit and talent. Today observe the SC, ST, OBC, CT merit of 10th and 12th standard exam result and you will understand this. Today mulnivasi students have risen up as their competitors. That’s why in front of them they created the obstacles such as Entrance, SET, NET, M.Phil, Ph.d, B+ etc.

Conclusion: Eurasian Brahmin is clever. He is only deceptive. Only this and we mulnivasis believe their deception as Cleverness, merit or talent. We believe Eurasian Brahmins cleaver, this is like believing oneself to be a fool or a donkey. Mulnivasis must firmly keep this mind. Eurasian Brahmins are not at all clever. They are deceptive. They are conspirators. This we must keep in mind.

5.    Hidden secret of Eurasian Brahmins that boasts of their Merit and Talent. During the period of British rule there used to be the exam named ICS. ICS is an abbreviation for Indian Civil Service. It used to take place in England. Once this exam is passed then one could take a job as top most officers in the administration. Once could become top officer only after passing of this exam. 50% was the passing percentage needed to pass this exam. That time Eurasian Brahmins used to find it very difficult to pass this exam. They were not even getting 50% marks. They pleaded with British with their requests and petitions that the passing percentage for ICS exam be reduced to 35%. From that time onwards passing percentage for ICS exam was reduced to 35%. What was ICS earlier is today known as IAS (Indian Administrative Service).

From this is understood as to how clever Eurasian Brahmins were, how intellectual they were, how intelligent they were, How much merit they posses, all this is understood.

So far we have covered the portion:
1.    What is the meaning of Reservation?
2.    Dr. Ambedkar’s role in reservations?
3.    Wrong impression about Ambedkar amongst Bhahujan Samaj.
4.    Role of Eurasian Brahmins about Reservations.
5.    Dr. Ambedkar on merit and Talent and role of other mulnivasi intellectuals.
6.    Misunderstandings amongst Mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj about Merits or talents.
7.    Merits or Talents and Eurasian Brahmins.
We tried to get detail information on all this matters.

Because of this Babasaheb used to say brahmin is intelligent, brahmin is efficient, brahmin is honest but brahmin is not our representative. That’s why we need our representative and for that purpose there must be reservation. Pandit (in his capacity as brahmin) Nehru and Congress opposed this. While opposing this concluded that with reservation efficiency of administration suffers. Dr. Ambedkar replied to this objection. What was the reply?
‘Representative Government is better than efficient government.’

In order to give reservation to OBC Pandit Nehru appointed Kaka Kalelkar Chairman of the OBC Commission. After that, in order to grant reservation to Marathas-Kunbis Bapat and Saraf were appointed chairmen. Why former judge of Supreme Court Justice P.B. Sawant was not appointed the Chairman? He is Maratha-Kunbi. He is a former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India. He is extremely intelligent man. He is seriously concerned about society. He is sensitive. Are Saraf and Bapat more intelligent than Justice Sawant? Is this fact not known to Vilasrao and Ashokrao? They know. But what will they do as they do not have anything in their hands?  Everything is in the hands of High Command.

Dr. Ambedkar for reservation used to refer as ‘Reservation is share in power.’ If reservation is beggary, if it is alms, then, why Eurasian Brahmins are opposing it? They are opposing because Eurasian Brahmins are aware that reservation is share in power, participation in power, division of power. In reality it is not true that Reservation is either alms or beggary. Reservation is representation. It is a share in power, percentage in power. Reservation is not just a job. It is share in governance-administration, it is participation. That’s what it is said; ‘Only that CM succeeds who has his DM.  C.M – Chief Minister. D.M. – District Magistrate.

Reservation is not a program of transformation into Mahar-Chambar-Dhor, it is program to transform Mahar-Chambar-Mang along with Maratha-Kunbi-OBC into ruling community.

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