Tuesday 19 June 2012

How Bamons used and discarded catholics in Goa - Part 3

What does it mean not be treated as toilet paper for Christians and for Bhajun Samaj? It means to get counted by the state. State counting through caste-based census on the same lines that are carried for for SC and ST in India. Caste based counting was carried on during British times. The number number of brahmins counted during 1931 census was 45 lakhs. This practice of caste based census was discontinued in India ever since brahmins took control of power in 1947. Due to the toiling efforts of Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar caste based enumerations are carried on by the State only of SC and ST people. Because they are counted the are authorized to enjoy reservations in State educational institutions as well as government jobs according to the proportion of their population. This means only two communities in India has share in Power based on the proportion of their population. The rest do not as rest are not even counted. Mulnivasi Catholics in Goa are no different in this aspect.

India's brahmanical state has betrayed and Cheated catholics like it has cheated Muslims and Sikhs, and Bhahujan samaj. In that sense there is nothing new about the catholic mulnivasi being cheated en mass. What is new however is that Catholic leadership has done nothing to change this situation. As a consequences mulnivasi catholics in Goa are victims of brahmanical exploitation who enjoy uncontrolled absolute power in their hands thereby corrupting them absolutely.After all absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This has created a situation of avoidable hardship and toil amongst mulnivasi Catholics just like in case of muslims and bhahujan samaj. The cause for hardship is common. All of us are the victims of the same brahmanical system that has ensured that all of us not even worthy of caste based census. But why do brahmins deny us caste based census? because if we are counted then they will get a right to stake claim for proportionate representation. If proportionate representation is granted then it be exposed that Eurasian brahmins besides being foreigners - who cannot legally and ethically rule us - are also micro minority and has power over state apparatus specially in Judiciary, Administration, Executive and media far more disproportionate to their population.

If we mulnivasis get counted then we will get proportionate representation. If we get proportionate representation then Brahmins will have to give way to mulnivasi in for share in power. Brahmins are not ready to give way for mulnivasis Catholics, Bhahujan Samaj, Muslims to take over power in India. They devise different ways to keep mulnivasis divided and engaged in internal strife. 

Bamon Manohar Parrikar prior to last assembly elections in Goa campaigned against English as medium of instruction. On the other side also fielded Catholics as candidates for elections either as BJP party candidates or as Independents. They won. BJP came to power. Because of the dependent on catholic MLA support in Government formation of Parrikar he played a trick with Catholics. he supported English and then said for government jobs certificate in Marathi and Konkni will be mandatory. There will be exam in marathi and konkni. Konkni of course mean konkni in devnagri script. Roman script konkni is reduced to non-entity along with those who speak it. Why Goa Gazetteer is published in English funded by Goa government? Why Sanskrit Open University is being started in India when no one speaks that language?

It is easy to get into deception and regard the issue of medium of instruction as an issue of class of languages. In fact this is a deception in which those defending English has got themselves into. It is important to come clear of this deception. Medium of instruction debate is not the clash of languages but it is clash of Eurasian brahmins against Shudras specially mulnivasi Catholics. It is not the clash between English on one side and Konkni and Marathi on the other side. In fact it must be noted that Eurassian brahmins have already finished the task of destroying Marathi educational primary schools across the state of Goa. If Bhasha Suraksha Manch is genuinely in love with Indian language then why doesnt even speak a word on it? This is because no interest of any language whether Indian or otherwise is at the heart of BBSM. There are some people belonging to Bhajan samaj who are also advocating the cause of brahmins. They are the products of Poona Pact where in Mulnivasi intellectuals consider themselves to be Brahmins. They are the victims of this peculiar diseases called 'Alienation of elites'.

Only interest dearest to their heart is how to protect and promote interest of Eurasian Brahmins who rule India with the aid of varied types of deceptions founded on languages and religion. However they cannot deceived all the people all the time. Winds of change has charged up the air, Eurasian Brahmin minority rule over mulnivasi majority will find its way into the gutter as that's where their rightfully belongs. Bharat Mukti Morcha will supervise this flow. It very important for Shudra mulnivasi Catholics in Goa realize this and take up their rightful place in this great nation wide  Liberation struggle for freedom.

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