Friday 28 February 2014

In Vanxim government servant indulging in corrupt practices

Through some reliable sources we got the information that yesterday 27th February 2014 some people in Vanxim were given drinks and money by the corporate wanting to grab Vanxim island to collect signatures saying that they want retaining wall.

By the way some people that have signed earlier that they are opposed to the retaining wall and same given to the Panchayat are also being approach and duped into signing in favor of retaining wall.

Only because of greed of drinks and money inculcated by Bamon Raj that they are signing again that they want retaining wall. This is done through advice of Tulsidas Kunkoikar who is an ex-sarpanch who had earlier manipulated the gram sabha on behalf of Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar, and now member  of Sao Mathias Panchayatin Tiswadi Vanxim stands as ward no.7.

These very people who are given drinks and money are using dirty abusive words against panch member from Vanxim Greta Vaz.

Manoj Parab, a government servant, electricity department, Government of Goa went about everywhere in Vanxim to collect the signatures. Can a government servant collect signatures? Isn't this against the ethics of Goa government - zero tolerance to corruption? Can we call the current ruling government non-corrupt government? Such a person working in corrupt manner must be terminated from his services or BJP government can be directly called corrupt government.

The same Manoj Parab yesterday went to elderly people who were alone at home. Being a holiday their sons, daughter-in-laws etc had gone out of Vanxim and returned only late evening. This same Manoj Parab forcefully took these old people's signatures by not disclosing the purpose for which the signatures are collected or wrong purpose was told. Isn't this called corruption?

It looks as if money, drinks and corruption flows in Vanxim like a polluted Ganga.

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