Thursday, 11 February 2016

10 years of Vanxim sale: Call for transparency

11th February 2016

It was on this day of February 11 in 2006 that Vanxim was sold by keeping people of Vanxim in dark. Today this dark day completes 10 years ever since Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao carried on this criminal act. Procurators of the Goa Diocese Fr.Arlino de Mello and Fr.Victor Rodrigues collaborated to implement this fraud in various ways. While Fr. Arlino de Mello signed on sale deed on behalf of the Archbishop Ferrao in immoral manner, Fr. Victor Rodrigues made sure that this immorality flourishes and blossoms through his letter dated 10/11/2009 to Mahendra Gaunekar. 10 years later today the Archbishop Ferrao and his team instead of apologizing and correcting the wrongs committed has gone on propaganda overdrive. In this light we call upon the Archbishop to make transparent documents of Vanxim sale as follows:

1.    All the letters from Tenants Association of Vanxim written in the decade of 1990s that Archbishop and his team claims to have a hand in sale of Vanxim by granting NOC to sell Vanxim. Who are the signatories of these letters? 

2.    All the letters sent to Vatican from the Goa Archbishop and his team seeking permissions to sell Vanxim as per requirements of Canon 1291. And all the letters granting permissions to sell Vanxim received from Vatican.

3.    All the reports as per Canon 1292 must be made public. They are the consent reports and minutes from the financial council of the Goa Diocese and the College of Consultors and the experts that gave their advice to sell Vanxim.

4.    Names of those constituted financial council of the Goa Diocese that took decision on Vanxim, Names of those constituted College of Consultors and the names of Experts who recommended sale of Vanxim in entirety. All this needed as per Canon 1292.

5.    What is the actual total amount and where the money gone from Vanxim sale?

6.    Documents of gift of Vanxim to Santa Monica and the obligations attached to be fulfilled. Which year Vanxim was handed over to Santa Monica Convent? Who did this? For what reason?

1971 synod of bishop acknowledged that for the church to speak about justice, it must first be just.

Maggie Silveira

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