Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Constitution of India authorises all to speak out

On Sunday 14 February 2016 there was report in Herald daily published from Panjim based on press note from a proxy of Ozone corporate, Archbishop of Goa and Mahendra Gaunekar as to who authorized people from Vanxim to speak on behalf of the village. The name of Bharat Mukti Morcha was also included in this note. We had circulated a note to few on this and now there is wider demand to circulate this note on this blog. So we share this note as under

Herald dated 14/02/2016 carried news item on page 3 which can be refereed to. Bharat Mukti Morcha is registered organization at national level and Maggie Silveira is the President for the State of Goa. She not only representing Vanxim but has reached more than 25 places of Goa to offer solidarity and oppose corporate bodies who oppress the People and land of Goa. We have seen corporate bodies, in the name of development only destroying beautiful Goa. People of Goa are no fools because they have wisdom, intellect and prevailing sense to see the future of Goa.

The Constitution of India under Article 19 has authorized everyone in India to fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression. So Maggie, Seby, Maryann, Dumian, John and People from Diwar and Vanxim as well as Fr. Michael Fernandes and people all over India has  automatic authorization to speak in defense of Vanxim. We are aware that voices of truth are threat to Archbishop, Ozone
Corporate and Mahendra Gaunekar and provokes them to set up proxies to speak on their behalf. 

Vanxim does not belong to Archbishop of Goa. It belongs to Santa Monica convent, Old Goa. Archbishop did not bring Vanxim as dowry on any occasion and he has no right to overrule public interest to support private interests.

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