Monday 8 February 2016

Terminate MPT lease deeds for Marinas in Zuari

01st February 2016
Press Release calling for termination of MPT lease deeds for Marinas in Zuari

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for termination of two Lease Deeds in Marinas at Nauxim in Tiswadi and Sancoale in Mormugao signed by MPT with two private firms Kargwal Construction Pvt Ltd, Mumbai and Yacht Heaven (Goa) Pvt Ltd, Vasco. Lease Deeds were signed in October 2010. As per these deeds MPT has claimed jurisdiction over waters of Zuari River from the mouth of Arabian Sea up to Cortalim Ferry point from May 2000 onwards and plans to lease out River to various private companies. The most objectionable aspect of the these two Lease Deeds is that fishermen fishing in Zuari river are not even acknowledged and leased out over 2,50,000 sq.mts of river between two low tide lines on shore in North and South of Zuari. Over Few hundred  fishermen carry on the fishing activities in this river and support their livelihood.
The closer examination of both the marinas based on the data submitted by the two marina companies in Form I to Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority confirms that there will not be any scope left for fishing as there will be breakwaters in the middle of the river, dredging of the fertile fishing grounds to increase depth to navigation channel for yachts, backfilling of river and reclamation of land from the river. 
Goa’s Environment Minister Rajendra Arlekar’s comments that Marinas are like taxi stands are wrong. Both marinas details are submitted to Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority. He just has to apply his mind and get the papers and study. But since he is biased against fishermen and is determining to misguide them he is not taking this route. Mrs. Alina Saldanha was sacked as Environment Minister few months ago because she upheld the interest of the fishermen and opposed marinas totally.
BMM is surprised that Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) in its 119th meeting on 28th January 2016 has discussed issue of Marinas in Zuari without meeting with fishermen in Zuari who are protesting the marinas inflicted dead end to fishing to be replaced with high end tourism. BMM is shocked to note that GSPCB has initiated the process of issue Consent of establish and consent to operate for two marinas. This is latest exclusion of fishermen in Zuari river from decision making process. It is high time to put an end to this style of decision making.


Maggie Silveira


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