Monday 8 February 2016

Letter to CBI on Vanxim scam

Date: 01st February 2016
The Director/ In-charge,
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
Bambolim, Goa

Terms of references : Investigations into layers of corruption in Vanxim, Goa

It has come to our notice that there has been very high level of layers of corruption in Vanxim land deal in Tiswadi, Goa involving Goa Archbishop and various offices of Goa Government. We list them out for your information for further investigation, gathering of evidence and prosecution of those involved in this scam.
Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for CBI probe on below counts:
1.    Whereabouts of black money generated through sale of Santa Monical land at Vanxim to Mahendra Gaunekar by Diocesan Procurator Fr. Arlino D’mello on behalf of Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao at the rate of 6 rupees and 20 rupees violating Civil law regulating tenancy as well as Cannon Law regulating Church properties on February 11, 2006. People of Goa has a duty as well as right to know as to the depth of these underground operations taking place in Bishop’s House in Panjim. Vanxim people intending to purchase the land are told to pay at the rate of Rs.1350/- per square meter while Vanxim land was sold to Gaunekar at the rate of Rs. 6/- and Rs. 20/-. This land belongs to the Santa Monica Convent, Old Goa that was vested with land titles by various people over the past few centuries. These lands that were given to the Church was with certain obligations to be fulfilled by the Church. The inventory of the land gifted to Santa Monica be examined to find out as to who gave Vanxim to Santa Monica and for what purpose. Archbishop Ferrao sold 4,85,275 square meters of land claiming to be at the rate of Rs.20/-. At this rate total amount comes to Rs.97,05,150/-. Sale deed however shows that Archbishop received Rs. 55,04,150/-. When Archbishop was questioned on this he had no answers and put his head down. This is total fraud of accounts on the sale deed.
2.    Probe into the political nexus involving Ozone corporate and top politicians of Goa. Closer examination of Joint Development Agreement of August 11, 2009 between Mahendra Gaunekar in his wife on one side and various groups connected with Ozone corporate reveals that Mahendra Gaunekar is to overcome environmental regulations in force through political maneuverings. In this respect probe nexus with top politicians of Goa who has been bribed to keep silence on Vanxim. Specially probe role of Digambar Kamat who is Goa’s past Chief Minister, Churchill Alemao who is Goa’s past PWD minister who visited Vanxim advocating the cause of Ozone corporate, MLA Mickey Pacheco, MLA Vishwajeet Rane, ex-member of Parliament Francisco Sardinha, and any other politician CBI may suspect.
3.    Probe into role of Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar, his secretary Krishnamurthy and his wife Sajla Chawla Krishnamurthy who is reported as Deputy General Manager of Ozone corporate. Defence Minister through series of nexus is directly involved in Vanxim scam as reported by Prime Media TV channel.
4.    Probe the corruption involving current Chief Minister of Goa Parsekar, Tourism Minister Parulekar and Cumbharjua MLA Pandurang Mandkaikar with their links with Ozone corporate and attempted cover ups of frauds involved. The local MLA Madkaikar gave 1000 rupees each and took 5 buses of people to the TCP office in support of Ozone corporate. To make up for the crowd even migrant labourers were roped in.
5.    Probe into role of past deputy Collectors at Panjim office who entertained ‘Condonation of delay’ applications and passed orders in favour of Ozone corporate even though Deputy Collector has no powers to do so. Two of these deputy collectors against whom CBI probe is a must are Sabhaji Shetye whose current posting is in Vasco and Sanjeev Desai who has been rewarded with posting as Director of Tourism. Sanjeev Desai wrote in his judgments that they were dictated in the open court while we know from Ligorio Silviera case judgment that this was not true as judgment was never dictated in open Court. We suspect that all the judgment in condonation of delay were written in the office of legal officers attached to Mahendra Gaunekar and Ozone corporate. Probe is needed in this regard. All the names on form I & XIV are totally and completely fraud as they are based on Deputy Collectors entertaining of condonation of delay. The powers to entertain the condonation of delay are with Administrative Tribunal. All the orders issued by Deputy Collector are void in law.
6.    Probe into the properties of Santa Monica sold to Mahendra Gaunekar. How Santa Monica did have hold of the land in Vanxim? who gave? Under what obligations? When?
We will appreciate your positive approach and action so that Goa/ Vanxim get Justice through Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which is our hope.

Thanking you,

Maggie Silveira
President, Goa Unit

Sanjay Harmalkar
Convener, Diwar Unit

Rohidas Andrade
Convener, Bambolim Unit

Sanjay Pereira
Convener, Cacra Unit

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