Monday, 7 August 2017

228 Mining barges behind Nationalization of Mandovi, Zuari and Cumbharjua rivers

It was mining barges that got involved Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) in Goa in 2010. Click here for background links. Now it is in the interest of mining barges that Goa's six intra-state rivers were decalred as National Waterways in March 2016 unilaterally without public consultations in Goa. Mining barges then applied their minds for the digging Goa's rivers. IWAI has been championing the cause of mining barges faithfully and has applied for the permision to dredge Mandovi, Zuari and Cumbharjua canal. The application came up for the discussion at the 10th meeting of the Expert Appraisal Committee and recorded in its meeting minutes dated 24th October 2016. A fleet of at least 228 barges are all set to torment Goa like never before. Mining is already a history sheeter in Goa and proved capacity for mass ecological havoc and proved in several studies including Shah Commision appointed by Central Government. Expert Appraisal committee has given its consent with several conditions including carrying on of various studies of these three rivers and holding of Public Hearings. With gratitude to Adv. O. Stanley of Our Rivers, Our Rights (OROR) we share here the copy of Expert Appraisal Committee minutes for public information and debate.

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