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Porta de Capao a gate way to resolute resistence against Ozone take over of Vanxim

From the office of the Goa Archbishop to the office of the Deputy Collector in Panjim, Bangalore based company Ozone Propex Private Limited is on its way to becoming East India Company to Vanxim in Mandovi river with entrance at Old Goa. It has created a complex network of support corporate to take over Vanxim with integral links with banks, venture capital, mortgage loans etc. Here Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) has dissections of key links for the sake of public clarity. 

1. Agreement to sale of Vanxim was signed between Mahendra Gaunekar and Fr. Victor C. Rodrigues (on behalf of Archbishop Raul Gonsalves on 09/04/1999. Click here. Agreement concealed address of the Mahendra Gaunekar. If needed Archbishop would sell the land directly to the corporate recommended by Mahendra Gaunekar.

2. In 1995 late Ligorio Silveira filed complaint regarding breach of Vanxim bunds due to corruption in Tenant Association of Vanxim. Click here. Till date government has not attended to this.

3. Fr. Arlino D'mello, on behalf of Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao sold Vanxim to Mahendra Gaunekar in 2006. What was started by Archbishop Raul Gonsalves was completed by Archbishop Neri; both acted in secrecy. Claims of NOC from Vanxim Tenants Association are still unsubstantiated.

4. In 2016 January office of Goa Archbishop made it public that it favoured corporate and created hurdles to grants rights to tenants from 1995. Click here.

5.  Mahendra Gaunekar got into eight more sale deeds between 2006 and 2008 to buy off paddy fields of Vanxim. Click here.

6. In 2009 Joint Development Agreement signed between Mahendra Gaunekar and his wife Sonali with various concerns of Ozone corporate. Its recorded that after selling paddy fields Archbishop will facilitate take over of residential areas in Vanxim all together 180 acres. Click here. This process has started. Legal relationship of lease from Santa Monica is forced to be cancelled and new relationship of sale at high economic cost is pushed through on many. Corporate Ozone will decide affairs of Vanxim. In other words Vanxim will function as SEZ.

7. In 2010 vanxim scam came to light as some people were called to sign papers at Bicholim Mamlatdar's office and offered cash. Revolt begins.

8. People began to receive letters from Deputy Collector at Panjim as Mahendra Gaunekar filed for negative declarations to change land records. Fr. Victor Rodrigues facilitated this process with his notorious letter. Click here. Number of people were dragged to court into litigation. Forced to pay lawyers. Those who compromised corporate paid up lawyers fees.

9. Around 2010 Ozone took over one abandoned hotel on Mandovi baks at Old Goa near North Goa MP Shripad Naik residence (and least bothered about Vanxim food insecutity due to paddy fields submergence) and designed it as "Porta de Capao", this is in Portuguese which means "Starting Point of Capao". It is designed for super rich of the world. Click here.

10. On June 08, 2017 this hotel construction got sanction of 15 crore loan recommendation from ICRA. The documents terms OLRPL as a special purpose vehicle (SVP) of Ozone group. OLRPL stands for Ozone Leisure and Resorts Private Limited that plans to develop a large scale luxury villa-cum-resort project on Vanxim isalnd. OLRPL is 100% held by Ozone Propex Private Limited. It has tie up with Hyatt group in Bangalore and Coorg hotels. Vasudevan Sathyamoorthy is its Chairman. Click here.

11. Directors of Ozone Propex Private Limited are Rajeev Bhandari, Vasudevan Sathyamoorthy, Chandanmal Pukhraj Bothra, Bittal Mangilal Singhi and Ozone Propex Private Limited's Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U74210KA2004PTC035015 and its registration number is 35015.Its Email address is and its registered address is No.38,Ulsoor Road Bangalore 560042 Bangalore KA 560042 I. Click here.  

12. This Ozone Propex from Bangalore has set up Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) called Ozone Leisure and Resorts Private Limited (OLRPL) and are located in Campal, Panjim and press refers them as Goa based company. They have kept their Bangalore parental connections hidden. Click here. OLRPL has listed two companies as their partners namely HDFC Property Fund, and Urban Infrastructure Opportunities Fund.

13. HDFC Property Fund is 100% subsidiary of HDFC Ltd. Click here.

14. HDFC Ltd's stands for Housing and Development Finance Corporation Limited. It has 11 Board of directors with Deepak S. Parekh as Chairman, Keki M. Mistry as Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Click here

15. HDFC Ltd also have HDFC Bank with 12 board of directors. Click here.  

16. The Second Partner of OLRPL is Urban Infrastructure Opportunities Fund. Synopsis of this fund reveals names of its prominent investors as Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), State Bank of India, ICICI and Axis Bank. They have 4 board of directors: Anand Jain - Chairman, Parag Parekh, MD and CEO, P Krishnamurthy and SS Thakur are Directors. Click here

17.  Anand Jain is deeply involved with Reliance and SEZs in various parts of India. Click here. He is a Chairman of Navi Mumbai SEZ Pvt Ltd, Mumbai SEZ Ltd., Reliance Haryana SEZ Ltd. He is the Promoter of two large SEZs near Mumbai. Mr. Jain, ex-trustee of the Mumbai Port Trust and JNPT is also a Director in Rewas Port Limited, a Greenfield US $1.3 billion mega scale port development project near Mumbai. The port would serve as a primary gateway for the twin mega SEZs coming up in its vicinity. He was also the Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Mumbai.

18. Parag Parekh is on board of directors of navi Mumbai SEZ. Click here

19. P. Krishnamurthy is too follows the same path. He is a Director on the Board of Navi Mumbai SEZ Ltd. as well as Mumbai SEZ Ltd. Click here.  

With this status of Vanxim, the way of resistance is clear. Fr. Bismarque Dias fought before he was murdered. We carry on the fight, march ahead. Jai Mulnivasi!

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