Saturday, 12 August 2017

Traditional Fishermen under attack in Zuari, nets torn by marauding mini per seine boats

In a fresh incident of illegal fishing through mini per seine Zuari today morning around 60 mini- per seine boats not only carried on illegal fishing in Zuari but also torn off fishing nets of fishermen from Cacra coast. Fisheries department has issued standing instruction against mini- per seining fishing within 5 km from the shore and banned from fishing in Zuari river. Click here for the document.

Sanjay Pereira's fishing nets were torn apart today morning. Fisheries department even though is aware of the habitual illegalities in Zuari sent their Patrol boat only at 11.00 am to the venue of illegalities when all the boats had gone away. It is not clear but certainly a matter of easy guess as to why Fisheries department is not ready to crack down on this illegal fishing.

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns fresh violence in Zuari river and calls upon Department of Fisheries to station its patrol boat permanently in Zuari river so as to avoid these kinds of confrontations.

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