Monday, 28 August 2017

Greedy trawlers plunder Zuari river

Reports have poured in about 25 illegal trawlers in Zuari river carrying on illegal fishing from 9.00 am today 28/08/2017. Trawlers are banned by law from carrying on illegal fishing within 5 kms from the coast. Yet with the death of Mathany Saldanha trawlers has regularly breached this limit. 

This has resulted in increased loss of trust in the Goa State's Department of Fisheries who comes across publicly shielding violating trawlers by refraining any action and refusing to station patrolling boat in Zuari river in spite of repeated requests. 

There is directive from Fisheries department against carrying illegal trawler fishing. Click here.

One aspect is clear : Goa Government cares a hoot for Goa's rivers and fishermen, cares a hoot for sustainability and health of Rivers in Goa.

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