Monday, 21 August 2017

West is North! India loose sense of direction!

"It shall be the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the Natural Environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife, and to have compassion for all living creatures."
           - The Constitution of India Article 51-A(g)

 Fulfillment of Fundamental Duty

In order to pursue the fulfillment of ones fundamental duty to protect natural environment People of Goa Petitioned National Green Tribunal in Pune. Several disastrous corporate projects were halted at NGT: Tiracol, Siolim Jetty on Chapora River, MPT deadly dredging of Arabian Sea and several more instances.

Corporate chocked up. Money fueled into the coffers of BJP and other Parties were finding unjustifiable in the face of repeated whips from NGT Pune.

Finally bell rang on on the feast of St. Lawrence, Goa roasted on slow burning fire! Goa jurisdiction moved from Pune to Delhi on August 10, 2017 and notified the next day August 11, 2017.

Rise of anti-colonial movement

With a flicker of this decision Goa environment movement stands transformed into anti-colonial movement. Now Goa is a Colony of Delhi - the Capital of India. And Government of India transformed itself from Nationalist to Anti-nationalist government. Protection of natural environment that includes Forests, rivers, lakes, wildlife is a constitutional duty of every citizen. Suddenly this has been challenged with shift in NGT jurisdiction. Indian government instead of making it easier for Public to exercise their constitutional duty has imposed hurdles of geography around their neck. We don't know the exact reason but know the consequences: Chocking Goa to undignified death.

Indian State and the State in Goa has turned tyrannous and democracy is fast evaporating into skies. Ground stands barricaded.

Northern lust

Central government has already taken our rivers and put them under jurisdiction of Inland Waterways Authority of India that is again located in North India at Gurgaon. Noose around Goa People already tightened up due to invasive Aadhaar Card even though most have not even realized. 

Central Government is suffering from crisis of direction. It is unable to distinguish between North and West. So the writing on the wall is clear. One who does not have sense of direction is bound to bang his head on the wall! Central Government status today is somewhat like this. We wonder from where Indian government got this idea to treat Goa as private estate brought as dowry by 16th wife of fancy King?

Goa Invasion

This decision, if not revoked can have very disastrous consequences. In 1961 India invaded Goa and sustained with the Veto from USSR. Pri. Chico Montiero and Kid Boxer raised their voices (and paid price with their liberty) and were arrested tried and sentenced to prison. Pri. Monteiro to Chandigarh jail and Kid Boxer to Nasik Jail. They were then termed anti-nationals and their legacy suppressed. Now if Indian government continues this trend then both of them may well gain in stature as the Freedom Fighters against Indian Imperialism in Goa. In fact Voices are increasing in Goa that 1961 was not a liberation of Goa but an invasion by India. Latest voice is of Jerry Cal's song sung by Olga in Album "Ugdas M Boyeracho". The arrogant behavior of India towards Goa will only be an appetizer to the rise of Kid Boxer and Pri. Chico Mendes from their graves. Kid Boxer's famous verse against Indian Invasion is still cited by those who witnessed his arrest in Mapusa during Tiatr : "tum bhitor sorlai chukon, mottoloi sukonn; durreacho desh pochonam!"

Strange but true: Goa is under Indian invasion. and India is under bamani invasion. Therefore Goa is under Bamani invasion too. Even though we admit it privately and speak of it in whispers, its reality that challenges Goa today : Layers of invasions on our Geography and our Psyche. urgent combat needed.

MoEF corrupt

Manohar Parrikar publicly declared few years ago that corruption in Ministry of Environment and Forest is rampant and their officials are known to collect money bags from mining companies in exchange for granting of Environmental Clearances. It is likely that huge money bags has crossed into MoEF officials and proved Manohar Parrikar correct. Here is link to Manohar Parrikar's confident assertion on corruption in MoEF. 

CBI probe on the process followed in this West to North India episode of Goa will be helpful.In the meanwhile Goa Bench of Bombay High Court has stayed MoEF descision till September 05, 2017 when the matter will come up for the hearing.

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