Wednesday 19 February 2014

Destrutive role of Brahmanism in India exposed at Margao public meeting

The Chief Guest for the Meeting to mark 'Popular Front Day' on 17th February, 2014 was National Chairman of Bharat Mukti Morcha from Pune Mr. Ramesh Rakshe, spoke in detail  about ills happening in India  and destructive role played by the Brahminical Forces. He said that, its Brahmins who have projected Muslims as 'Terrorists' in India and are working round the clock to create more & more Genocides, Bomb Blasts to put the blames on Muslims. He said that Sangh Parivar is working unconstitutionally and frame Mulnivasis as 'Unconstitutional'. Speaking about Himayat Beig, he said that Himayat was framed by ATS, Delhi in Best Bakery Bomb Blast case & created their own 5 witnesses  to give testimony in the court of Law. With this 5 witnesses & Judge himself in conjunction with ATS pronounced Death sentence to Himayat Beig. Later, Mr. Avinas Khetan did a sting operation on all the 5 witnesses and they gave  a shocking revelation of how they were tortured to give testimony against Beig. The truth was out, Bharat Mukti Morcha distributed 15000 CD's to Mulnivasis. This is how  security agencies work in conjunction with RSS (Racial Superiority System) said he. He said that, Swami Aseemanand's confession has completely exposed the Sangh Parivar Terror Network in the Country and also exposed the dubious role played by Mohan Bhagwat. He spoke in detail about the systematic use of Mulnivasis i.e SC, ST & OBC by RSS (Racial Superiority System) to fight against Muslims, which has resulted in 63000 riots in India.Mr. Ramesh Rakshe ending his talk said that Mulnvasis are now waking up to the call of the nation and are now  understanding the true politics of RSS (Racial Superiority System).

   Grand Public  Meeting was held later in the evening at Ana Fonte Garden, Margao wherin People from all walks of  life participated. The meeting started with the 'Quranic recitation' by Master Amanullah Khan who also explained its meaning to the People present. Popular Front of India-Goa President, Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rauf welcomed the dignitaries on & off the dais as He wished them 'Happy Popular Front Day'. Criticizing  the Government Authorities who created all the hurdles in stopping PFI from conducting the said Meeting he said 'many Cultural, Social, Political meets are held here at Ana Fonte but, Police have targeted only PFI by not allowing Us to use sound system saying its a Silence Zone, this is a communal stance of Government'. He said that, You cannot stop us from doing good work for which Popular Front is known for all-over India and Goa, We work within the purview of Our Constitution and I think that's what is creating flutter among concerned authorities as they can't catch us in any illegal act. He further added, We are working for the Empowerment of Marginalised, Oppressed and Downtrodden section of the Society in India which has been a neglected lot by successive Governments since Independence. Finally he added, You do whatever you want to stop us from doing Good but, We will not stop Our good work at any cost.
NGA member of Popular Front of India Mr. Sayed Iftiyaz spoke about the activities of PFI, Goa for the past 5 years and how  the members toil in Social, Economic and Educational fields to Empower the Poor & Downtrodden in Goa. He came down heavily on the Chief Minister for not ordering re-investigation in Margao Bomb Blast case and who is saying its in the hands of central Government to do Justice as he questioned, 'Why is the Chief Minister asking for Mining resumption, when he can easily say, its in the hands of Central Government to re-start'. He spoke about, Police-Politician nexus in Drugs business and speaking about Casinos said that, When in opposition, he has promised to clear casinos from Goa and when in Power now  has only increased Casinos on & off the shore by giving more Licenses , than reducing it. He ended his talk by saying 'Popular Front is on a mission to build India of equal rights to all' and no power can stop us from from building it'.
  Speaking on the Occassion Maulana Kaleemullah Khan, SEC member of PFI, Karnataka said that Popular Front of India has completed 25 years of service to the Marginalised & Downtrodden section of the Society & it has been a long & tedious  journey. We are a People's movement and has sucessfully worked for People's causes over period of time. He spoke in detail about the Organisation's activities all over the country and why Popular Front of India is a need of the moment in India. Maulana strongly advocated the combined efforts of Indians to through out the Bamani regime from the Country and create a safer environment in the coming years. Empowering the Communities in Educational, Economic, Social & Political field is the need of the hour and PFI is working round the clock to achieve it and said that, We are not an Organisation who will sit idle watching the proceedings but, We believe in action and our members make it happen. He called upon the Anti-Brahminical forces to unitedly fight for the cause of their Nation and free Our Country from all the vices of RSS (Racial Superiority System) and build a new  India of equal rights for all.
Popular Front of India-Goa celebrated their  with much fervor & enthusiasm. Popular Front hoisted their Flag at their Head Office in Chandravaddo and also at Branch Office, Ponda in the presence of Members, Well-wishers and Supporters. Thereafter, PFI members distributed sweets to those present and than visited Government Hospitals, Orphanages, Old age homes in Margao & Ponda & distributed Sweets, Fruits to them.

Mr. Muzaffar Shaikh was the compere for the programme and Mr. Ameen Mullah proposed the Vote of thanks.


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