Saturday 15 February 2014

Objections to retaining wall in Vanxim

Ilha de Vanxim Association
Em Vanxim, P.O Piedade,
Divar, Ilhas, Goa.
403 403

Date; 23rd October 2012

The Sarpanch,
Sao Mathias Panchayat,
Malar, Ilhas, Goa.
Sub:- Objection to Retaining Wall

     We strongly object to Retaining Wall, as it is a part of a 109 page Joint Development Agreement between (1) Mahendra Gaunekar (2) Ms Sonali Gaunekar and Ozone Leisure and Resorts Private Limited dated 11/8/2009 and registered at the office of the Sub Registrar, Ilhas, Panjim, Goa.

     In this Agreement the Retaining Wall along with the Golf Course, Hotel, Spa, Resort, Villa, Casinos, Private marinas etc are mentioned to be constructed at Vanxim. We strongly object to the Retaining Wall, as it is the very first point as part of the infrastructure mentioned as point no.1 on the Joint Development Agreement.

     With deep reading & Understanding the Joint Development Agreement we have fully understood the game plan of Mahendra Gaunekar regarding construction of Retaining wall.
     We request your kind office, therefore to abolish the plans to construct the said Retaining Wall in Vanxim.

     Thanking you,

     Yours Sincerely,
Serial no.    Names                                                 Signatures                          
1.       Ms Margarida Silveira         Sd/-
2.       Mrs. P.A.M Silveira             Sd/-
3.       Vinod Tari                          Sd/-
4.       Vaibhavi Tari                      Sd/-
5.       Arvind Halarnkar                Sd/-
6.       Pramod T. Narvekar          Sd/-
7.       Pranisha T. Narvekar         Sd/-
8.       Sadanand G. Tari               Sd/-
9.       Sweta S. Tari                      Sd/-
10.   Laxmi G. Tari                        Sd/-
11.   Mohan C. Volvoikar              Sd/-
12.   Anuradha M. Volvoikar         Sd/-
13.   Nilima N. Volvoikar                 Sd/-
14.   Sudeep M.Volvoikar               Sd/-
15.   Deepika D. Tari                      Sd/-          
16.   Devanand G. Tari                  Sd/-
17.   Shali M. Volvoikar                   Sd/-
18.   Mr. Nityanand C. Volvoikar      Sd/-
19.   John A.V.Fernandes               Sd/-
20.   Gregory Fernandes                Sd/-
21.   Effie Fernandes                    Sd/-
22.   Judy Fernandes                   Sd/-
23.   Jelton Fernandes                 Sd/-
24.   Dorothy Fernandes              Sd/-
25.   Suhani S. Bhosle                 Sd/-
26.   Shivanand B. Bhosle            Sd/-
27.   Padmanabh Bhosle               Sd/-
28.   Sushant Bhosle                     Sd/-
29.   Prasad Bhosle                       Sd/-
30.   Padmavathi P. Bhosle            Sd/-
31.   Silvina D’Silva                         Sd/-
32.   John D’Silva                           Sd/-
33.   Jose D’mello                          Sd/-
34.   Cristalina D’mello                  Sd/-
35.   Rohidas H. Halankar              Sd/-
36.   Rajeshree R. Halankar           Sd/-
37.   Shivadas N. Volvoikar              Sd/-
38.   Mira S. Volvoikar                     Sd/-
39.   Devita D. Volvoikar                 Sd/-
40.   Devidas N. Volvoikar              Sd/-
41.   Jijabhai T. Volvoikar                Sd/-
42.   Lalita N. Marshelkar               Sd/-
43.   Narsiha D. Marshelkar           Sd/-
44.   Nitin N. Marshelkar               Sd/-
45.   Thecla Cardozo                     Sd/-
46.   Maria Cardozo                      Sd/-
47.   Savio Vaz                             Sd/-
48.   Maria Devina Vaz                  Sd/-
49.   Ana Rita Vaz                        Sd/-
50.   Angelina Martis                    Sd/-
51.   Amrut C. Volvoikar                Sd/-
52.   Swati A. Volvoikar                  Sd/-
53.   John Braz D’mello                 Sd/-
54.   Melita D’mello                        Sd/-
55.   Greta Vaz                               Sd/-
56.   Sangeeta N. Shet                  Sd/-

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