Thursday, 20 February 2014

Seven moral failures of Goa Archbishop on Vanxim

At a recently concluded priests meeting Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao has admitted that his action that led to sale of Vanxim is morally wrong but legally right. These few points are reflective pointers towards the depth of moral wrong that he has indulged into and continues to dwell with it.

1. The first moral responsibility of the Archbishop was to keep fidelity to his flock. He grossly failed here. Instead he without prior consulting people of Vanxim island indulged in unilateral action to to sell Vanxim island.

2. His second duty was of reparation. This concerns the correcting the wrongs that he has indulged into and making sure that the sale deed that he has got himself into via Fr.Arlino D'mello is nul and void. Further Archbishop had to give call for public to support Vanxim people to in opposing the sale deed. Archbishop has failed in his moral duty here as well.

3.  His third duty was to thank those who are opposing him so that he can adopt the corrective approach even at this later stage. Instead Archbishop and his collaborators has adopted vengeance as their guiding principle. Here Archbishop of Goa morally failed again.

4. Archbishop had a duty of distributive Justice which was his obligation to initiate even if Santa Monica convent was in dire need of funds. Public appeals could have been made to raise funds for Santa Monica convent and ownership rights of Vanxim people could have been transferred to locals to whom the paddy fields belonged. Those Paddy fields breached could have been repaired. Instead Archbishop indulged in getting corporate invasion of Vanxim island and forced people towards avoidable ligation in civil courts at the huge costs. Here Archbishop morally failed again.

5. Duty of beneficence required Archbishop to take proactive steps to improve Vanxim in deeper consultation with its residence considering its ownership vested with Santa Monica Convent but instead Archbishop became agency to sell! Here Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao morally failed again.

6. Duty of non-maleficence required Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao not to harm the interests of Vanxim people by selling their paddy fields. This was also his duty as per Cannon Law. Archbishop Ferrao has failed morally again here.

7. Duty to self-improvement imposed responsibility on Archbishop to change his current mindset of getting charmed with accumulating wealth in Swiss accounts. This he did by legally selling Vanxim at the rate of Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meter. This he calls legally correct! Archbishop has tremendous responsibility to change his current track of collaborating with RSS (Racial Superiority System) cadre headed State government for integral human development. His Vanxim escapade is only his integral moral colossal failure. He has duty to give up his pretensions immediately. Currently it is like two Bamons fly together like birds of same feather flock together for common ruin of man and common good of Bamon Raj.

Moral failure in the above seven counts only proves that Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao who was to be servant of God but turned servant of Satan working in the interest of Bamon Raj to crush mulnivasis.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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