Friday 21 February 2014

Vanxim people put under pressure to compromise

It is learnt that all the lawyers except one handling the Vanxim cases against Mahendra Gaunekar has been bought off and are pressurizing their clients to compromise with immediate effect with March 31, 2014 as deadline. Some people are given just few days by their lawyers. This is indeed sad and tragic moments for judiciary in Goa that is totally succumbing to Bamon Raj agenda to accede for Vanxim  corporate theft.

Gaunekar/Ozone are pressurizing people of Vanxim that he (Gaunekar) will pay them Rs.500/- per square meter to take possession of their paddy fields. These people all this time had not compromised as the matter was going on before deputy collector, mamlatdar etc. 

Now pressure is also built up on the high level government officers to settle things faster.

People are in despair of their lives as they have lost their peace of mind and good health with Mahendra Gaunekar/Ozone are working at their best to destroy the people living in Vanxim. People are mentally tortured and emotionally blackmailed so that they fall prey to the money which is a short term gain and long term loss not only of their ancestral land but also of their dignity.

When we lose our land we loose our country. We refer to mulnivasi people. Eurasian invaders rule that is known as Bamon Raj responsible to this state of affairs.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is the root cause of all these problems faced by Vanxim people. He is supposed to be the good Sheppard but turned bad Sheppard.  His actions has proved that he is true and loyal agent of Bamon Raj. The time has come now is to counter him. He is able to have field day because good people are silent.

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