Saturday 15 February 2014

Vanxim Panch letter to Water Resources department objecting retaining wall construction in Vanxim

Mrs. Greta Vaz
Panch of Vanxim,
P.O. Piedade, Diwar,
Ilhas, Goa.
 Date:- 14th February 2014

The Executive Engineer,
W.D.I, Water Resources Department,
Patto, Panjim, Goa

Subject: - Objection to the retaining wall at Vanxim

     Please find enclosed the copy of the objections towards retaining wall in Vanxim dated 23/10/2012 and addressed to the Sarpanch Sao Mathias Panchayat.

     I as the elected panch of Vanxim would like to bring to your notice the following – In spite of written objections raised by the our People of Vanxim regarding opposing the retaining wall, the said work is being carried out.

I strongly object to the retaining wall.

You are directed to stop the work immediately.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,
Greta Vaz
Elected Panch of Vanxim, Sao Mathias Panchayat

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