Friday 24 August 2012

Assam riots are bamani revenge against Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar’s election to Constitutional Assembly

In Assam’s Kochchrajar region 9 lakh people have been seriously injured in a violence that flared up during past few weeks. Due to the incidents of burnings and rioting in the rural areas police firing took place and curfew has been imposed for indefinite period. 

The violence that spread in Assam is not religious but it a clash between local residents versus Bangladeshis. This clash is between local tribal community and Namo Shudrai jati people that has migrated from Bangaldesh into Assam. The dispute between these communities has not erupted on its own but sparked by Bamani media by giving tag of Bangladeshi intruders to Namo Shudrai jati people. Out of three crore people in Assam 81 lakh people are of Namo Shudrai jati. They have been staying in Assam for past many years and use time, job, agriculture, land, forests in Assam. They have their own organization and also their own Political Party. In all this their only mistake is that they supported Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in getting elected to the Constitutional Assembly. Due to this they are made to suffer the revenge of the bamani system.

Bangladeshis have not entered Assam today.  Today they are opposed very strongly. This is an attempt to ensure that Adivasis and Namo Shudrai people do not unite against Bamani system. This is an attempt to set off between these two groups thereby strengthen their oppressive Bamani system. This is a conspiracy to keep Assam question burning. This must be thought over by the tribes in Assam and Namo Shudrai communities in Assam and solve this dispute mutually amongst themselves.

Riots increased after Gandhi and Home Minister Sushilkular Shinde visited Assam. Assam Chief Minister too has accused Central government of flaring up riots.

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